Five Seek Green Party Nomination to Replace Rahm in Illinois

Five candidates have stepped up to seek the Illinois Green Party nomination for the special election to replace Rahm Emanuel in the U.S. House (5th District). The partisan primaries will be March 3rd, with the general (special) election on April 7. From the Illinois Green Party:


* Stage is set for IL Greens’ first contested primary, outside of a presidential race

CHICAGO – Five candidates will compete for the Green Party nomination in the 5th Congressional District Special Primary on March 3, according to candidate filings made with the Illinois Board of Elections. The deadline for such filings was at 5 p.m. today.

Candidates include Alan Augustson, who ran for the seat as a Green in 2008; Mark Arnold Fredrickson, who ran against Emanuel in the 2004 Democratic Primary; Deb Gordils, who ran against Alderman Dick Mell (33rd Ward) in 2003; Matt Reichel, who is making his first run for public office; and Simon Ribeiro, also making his first run for office.

The 5th Congressional District seat was vacated recently by Democrat Rahm Emanuel, who took a position as White House Chief of Staff in the Obama Administration.

The Illinois Green Party became an “established” political party following the 2006 election, when gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney received more than 10% of the vote. As a result, Green Party candidates at all levels can collect fewer signatures to get on the ballot, and Green Party candidates compete in primaries. The first Green Party primary was held in February of 2008, though most of the races were uncontested, except for the presidential race, which had four candidates.


Alan Augustson

Mark Arnold Fredrickson

Deb Gordils
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Matt Reichel

Simon Ribeiro

Independent Political Report has more about the candidates here.

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