Racine Mayor Resigns – Pete Karas Running

Last week the Mayor of Racine, WI (pop: 81,000) was arrested for child pornography and attempted child enticement following a sting operation in which Mayor Gary Becker arranged to meet a state agent posing as a 14 year old girl in a chat room. The (now former) Mayor was arrested at a Mall where he had arranged to meet the “girl”. Becker resigned today.

Pete Karas, a former alderman in Racine, today responded to a “Draft Pete” campaign by officially filing to run for Mayor. The date of a special election has not been set, but at least two others have thrown their hats in the ring with more candidates possible.

Pete Karas is well known and respected in Racine. He served five years on the Racine City Council, was one of the Wisconsin coordinators for the Cynthia McKinney campaign, volunteered for the Malik Rahim campaign and is currently the campaign manager for the Todd Price for Superintendent of Public Instruction campaign in Wisconsin this Spring.

Ronald Hardy


  1. It is non-partisan.

    In Wisconsin most local elections (city council, county board, mayor, county executive) are in the Spring and are non-partisan. These are the races the Wisconsin Green Party does well in. On local issues, typical partisan identities tend not to define candidates or voters, often it is establishment/chamber of commerce vs. ‘cobblestoner’ or ‘populist’ or ‘grassroots democracy’ issues.

    About one green elected in Wisconsin I have heard said “I would never vote for him for state or national office, he’s too much like a socialist, but he’s great on the city council…”

    Fall elections (state legislature, congress, state constitutional offices) are all partisan. The party label and straight party ticket voting hurts greens here.

    In my opinion the key to success in Wisconsin is actually running candidates, preferably good ones!

  2. It is because Greens in Wi. are active on the nuts and bolts issues in their communities. and are not afraid to run for office. There are thousands of non partisan offices that Greens can run for but few people do.

  3. Pete Karas will be a smart campaigner and a great Mayor. I urge everyone to step up to help, both with their time and their checkbooks.

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