IL Green Primary: Q&A With Deb Gordils

Five candidates are seeking the Illinois Green Party nomination to run in the special election to replace Rahm Emanuel in the US House in District 5. There will be a primary on March 3rd for the Green Party, the Democrats and the Republicans. The winners of the three primaries will face off in an April 7 Special Election.

We’ve asked the five candidates on the Green Party primary ballot to tell us a little bit about who they are, what they are running for, and why you should support them. We will post the replies from each as we get them.

First up is Deb Gordils:

Green Party Watch: Tell us a little bit about who you are.

Deb Gordils: I was born and raised a Northsider here in Chicago, am 48, Catholic, mother of two, One is adopted. One has special needs, I have a B.A, in Criminal Justice, Communication, from Northeastern, and an MA.ED from Dominican University. I went to Law School left and studied U.S History, World History at Loyola University, We are life long Cub Fans, own a Mutt dog and two rescued Cats. Life long volunteer of shelters and various Organizations that serve people when they are in need.

GPW: What made you decide to jump into this race? What are the top 2 or 3 issues that you want to bring to the table?

DG: Our Country is pleading for a new direction of Hope, filled with Improvements, and Security. We must not squander this time. We must step in and do what we can to reshape and strengthen Illinois.This Great State, Our Land of Lincoln, needs a new Party, needs the Green Party Leadership to stabilize its wobbling condition. Wobbling that has been brought by the hands of old corrupt Democratic ways and Bad Republican habits. The same old Political habits that must be squashed if we are to stop the laughter and Circus acts that are crippling Illinois today. Now is not the time for more of the same, It is instead time to show that we are tired of being on the losing end of Politics as Usual. Regular Politicians would rather give themselves raises while we lose our jobs, they would much rather secure their political career’s, rather than secure our State Economy, they would rather extend their power,than to extend their hand to help you! On March 3rd we have a chance , we have the Option to vote for a New Illinois. An Illinois, that will address Immigration Issues with Dignity, Elevate woman’s issues into the new millennium, Embrace the whole family, and Nurture the naturalness of our planet. You will need a strong voice during these difficult times… I will be that strong voice.

GPW: What differentiates the “Green Party candidate” from the Republicans or Democrats? Why the Green Party?

DG: Besides the 300 to 900 signature requirement difference, everything differentiates the Green Party from the old regular Democrats and Republicans. The green Party offers clean, fresh ideas and new innovative ways to govern. Ways that put the interest of people before politics and put our global condition before the interest of greed.

GPW: A Green Party primary is exciting, but quite rare. Are there any benefits from a Green Party primary?

DG: Yes, It is good for the people to have choices. As a voter, I would be very suspicious of elections that has no one else on the ballot.

GPW: Any downsides?

DG: No, Choice is good, I look forward to this race, I look forward to winning and bringing our message to the April 7th Election.

GPW: What is your campaign going to do to have the biggest impact on this race?

DG: We are going to Share The Message!

GPW: What else do you want Green Party voters and 5th District voters to know about you, what you stand for, and why they should vote for you?

DG: I stand for Women, I stand for Families, I stand for Babies, I stand for Wildlife, I stand for Fairness and Justice. If you stand for these things too then we need to stand together.

GPW: And finally, thank you very much for running on the Green Party ticket!

DG: You are very welcomed, I am honored that your Party has allowed me to share my message, God Bless

Deb Gordils

Ronald Hardy


  1. I would be curious to hear Gordils clarify her position on reproductive rights. Her statement about this issue on another blog was ambiguous in terms of public policy.

  2. I was wondering when someone would bring this up. Gordils is clearly “anti-abortion” (her words), and she could have written “pro-life” but didn’t. I choose to believe that was intentional. Elsewhere she also writes: “…why Womans Right to Choose in their lives is still on the table and voted on? Could it be because we allow it to be tied to The Abortion issue!”

    So I get the impression that she walks a fine line between reproductive rights and being against abortion.

    I’ll ask her if she wants to clarify.

  3. Gordils is a political retread. Lifelong Democrat who can’t make it as a Dem, Runs Green, then runs Indy as a ‘write in’. Now it’s rumored she is a Republican? Who is Deb Gordils Really?

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