McKinney Calls on Obama to Spare Leonard Peltier

2008 Green Party Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney is calling for President Obama to pardon Leonard Peltier. From a note on Facebook:

President Obama, Let Peltier Live!

Today, I sent this message to the President:

“Mr. President, Justice delayed is justice denied. Leonard Peltier’s family report that he has been brutally beaten while in custody. Peltier should be released. He has become a global symbol of injustice and prison abuse. Imprisoned in the late 1970s, Peltier has never been given a fair trial. Yet he has been a model prisoner. In April he wrote: “Given the choice of lying down to die or standing up to live, we chose to live.” Let Peltier live. Please free Leonard Peltier now.”

It’s easy to send a message to President Obama to help him deliver on the hope and change he promised. Now is the time for us to act.

Unfortunately, the President has already signed an order allowing the continued bombing of Pakistan and his promised Afghanistan surge is underway. What that means for all of us is more war.

If we are to have true and lasting peace, it should be clear by now that we won’t get it by confining our electoral choices to only the ones presented to us in sophisticated, highly managed public relations campaigns. True and lasting peace will come only with justice. Freeing our political prisoners, including Peltier, Mumia, Sundiata, Mutulu, Imam El-Amin, our Puerto Rican political prisoners, and so many more is but a down payment on the path of justice and reconciliation that our country so sorely needs.

Cynthia McKinney

Ronald Hardy


  1. Thank you Cynthia McKinny, There are many of us out there that have been hopeing that the case of Leonard Peltier would come to Obama’s attention. Thank you Cynthia, for doing so in such a timely mannor. Let us now pray that Obama pays attention to the issues and starts the wheels of True Justice in motion.

  2. Dear Cynthia McKinny,
    Like the former responder I thank you for your message to President Obama. I am not a US citizen, but Leonard Peltier is for us in the Netherlands a kind of symbol for a human being with a real free spirit. Obama was promising to not alone the US citizens, but also the world change. I do hope that by giving Leonard Peltier his freedom back, as symbol of change, (not an expensive act), the world can rejoice in the first step of real freedom for the North American Indians. White people are going around the world with big drums to enliven peace, but as long as those peace drums can not make sound for one single Indian man. What does that mean for the rest of the US Indians, and the world?

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