IL Special Election: Greens Excluded From Forum

Green Party candidate Alan Augustson has been raising a stink about the Independent Voters of Illinois candidate forum on February 1 for the special election to fill Rahm Emanuel’s 5th District seat in Congress. Only Democrats are invited.

An Augustson media release states:

Augustson has vowed to attend, anyway — “not to disrupt the proceedings, but as an observer,” according to the candidate, who has filed to contend again for this office as a Green.

“I too have a number of questions that I’d like to ask the candidates,” Augustson said, “and I’ve submitted those questions through the appropriate channels. I’m absolutely itching to see how they will answer, or whether the questions will even be asked.”

Ronald Hardy


  1. Issue wise, politics wise, and winning wise, I think its between Matt Reichel and Alan Auguston.

    I am leaning toward Matt because I just haven’t had a good vibe from Alan since he started running as a Green. I don’t doubt his genuine concern for the issues, but at times I’ve questioned whether he was to grow the Green Party.

    Alan had actively sought a job in the Obama administration and had opposed McKinney’s nomination and candidacy once she was elected. I also didn’t appreciate him bashing teh party on email lists with some media CC’d in regards to the national convention. That was sort of embarrassing. Granted, not EVERY Green has to agree the majority of the party and the candidates the Green party field, but I dunno, both those actions just left a bad taste in my mouth.

    During the 2008 elections, I didn’t appreciate that he wasn’t careful to BCC the master ILGP candidate list while CCing media people too. I was a candidate, and I didn’t appreciate the lack of discretion.

    I think those are fair questions and concerns Alan could address. I do not mean to harang him or anything.

    On Matt’s side, I like his issues, but he is sort of an unknown quantity to me for me to support. In any case, it will be the Greens within the 5th Congressional to decide. I look forward to a democratic, fair, and transparent primary process.

    As an aside, I am working to author some posts for GPW regarding Green Parties aboard! Especially the Greens in Ireland and the Czech Republic who are both a part of government. Look for those soon!

  2. Matt Reichel switched to the Green Party just for this race, just so you know. On his website – http://www.mattreichel.us – he said that he decided to run as a Green because the Democratic signature requirements are so high that only a “machine candidate” could get on the ballot. However, he’s also said that he identifies a lot with the Green Party, and I believe him personally because he worked on Dennis Kucinich’s campaign for president and Congress. Kucinich is definitely close to a Green in his stances on the issues and his actions in Congress. Reichel is also bringing people from the Kucinich campaign to work on his campaign, which I think is a good thing because it means he will probably have a professional, effective campaign.

  3. I think Greens should welcome young activists who defect from the Dems. Kucinich activists tend to be basically identical to Greens in their political worldview. The trick is convincing them to work on building a party that is actually trying to turn their values into public policy, rather than pouring their energy into a corporate-dominated party that is well to the right of its activist and voter base.

    Reichel has stated that he’s hoping to bring volunteers not only from Kucinich’s camp, but also from Ron Paul’s. An interesting idea, and I’d love to see how it plays out. A lot of Ron Paul supporters actually share quite a bit of common ground with Greens – at any rate, they are anti-imperialism and anti-authoritarian.

    Props should go to the candidates who have run as Greens before, too. In the end, the choice should be made based on the goals of running a vibrant, visible campaign and growing the Green Party.

    Walter – you may have heard that after the financial meltdown, Iceland is poised to become the first nation in history with a majority-Green government: http://www.greenchange.org/article.php?id=3911
    They’ll face plenty of challenges, including looking down the barrel of an IMF loan. But hey, no one ever said it was easy being Green!

  4. @green ferret: It is fantastic news to hear the Left-Green Movement leads in the polls and may be the bigger partner in any coalition. But, it must be noted that they are a small “g” green party and not a big “G” green party.

    They are internationally aligned with the Nordic Green Left Alliance and not the Global Greens nor European Green Party. They identify as left-wing, overtly socialist and eco-socialist.


    Nonetheless, I am ecstatic that any green party taking part governing.

  5. Posting to say hello, felt obligated to give thanks to everyone here. Specifically Bill for helping me out so much, thanks man :)

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