Progressive Dane Endorses Todd Price for WI State Education Post

Progressive Dane, an Independent Political Party in Madison, Wisconsin (Dane County) has endorsed Todd Price for Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction. There are five candidates in the state wide race, with a Feb. 17 primary and April 7 general election. The race is non-partisan.

“We’re pleased to be endorsed by Progressive Dane, a group of concerned and informed activists who have been instrumental in shaping policy in Dane County,” said Price.

Todd Price today issued a reaction to Governor Jim Doyle’s State of the State Address, calling for “Educational Priority in the State Budget”:

Todd Price, the progressive candidate for Wisconsin State Superintendent of Public Instruction, shares Governor Jim Doyle’s commitment to keeping Wisconsin’s schools strong and expressed disappointment that instead of the bold action our schools need and our children deserve, Wednesday’s State of the State speech seemed to promise a continued erosion of education.

“Investment in public education is the key to present and future health and prosperity,” said Price. “Good schools attract business and keep young families in our communities; they provide the opportunities our children’s need for full and successful lives.”

While recognizing that our children’s educations cannot be put on hold, Governor Doyle’s remarks failed to address the urgency of the situation. In his speech Governor Doyle noted that “A second grader is not going to be able to come back when the economy is better and pick up where she left off if we fail her today,” but also asserted that “staying even is the new increase” and offered only vague calls for merit pay for teachers, high standards and new efficiencies as school funding reforms.

“Doyle is right that our children can’t wait. We have cut real school budgets throughout the State one to two percent over the last fifteen years and look where it has gotten us. From Janesville to Rhinelander and in districts around the state, bloated class sizes, program cuts, and school closings have limited opportunities for education, undermining both our children’s and our State’s futures,” said Price. “How can we expect to have a quality future when we put the education of our most valued resource, our children, on the back-burner?”

On the Governors proposals, Price commented “Schools have been finding efficiencies for 15 years; the cuts are going to the core and hurting our children. Merit pay, if that is what the Governor meant, is a non-starter. State standards are important, but alone, won’t fix a broken system of school funding.”

In his campaign, Price has emphasized a need for adequate and equitable school finance reform based on analyzing from the school’s themselves, the actual cost of providing quality education for every child in every district in Wisconsin. As State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Price is committed to working with the public, the legislature, and the Governor to draft and enact a school finance system that puts education first.

Price has also called for a constitutional amendment at the state and at the federal level, requiring adequate and equitable funding of public education. “I believe strongly that as a state we need to build on our proud heritage by guaranteeing well rounded education for all our children. This is a fundamental Wisconsin value and it belongs in federal as well as state law,” Price explained.

“If elected I will advocate for both.”

Ronald Hardy


  1. The teachers union is either going to endorse the insider, Tony Evers, or no endorsement before the primary. I’ve heard two different stories so far. Price is hoping for the latter scenario, no endorsement before the primary…

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