Back at the keyboard

After more than a year of therapies and effort, Paul Huntley Hess, my father-in-law, died February 10th. He died in his sleep, at home, with his wife of almost 60 years, his only daughter, and one of his grand daughters at his side.

I have always believed that we must be the change we want to see. The only things I can be sure to change are myself and my actions. I try to put my family first.

Now that a week has passed, things are beginning to settle down a bit. I didn’t want to get back in the saddle only to be torn away again. I believe that I can now commit again to contributing to this site and others.

Gregg Jocoy

55 year old father of two girls and grandfather of two girls. South Carolina Green since 2000.


  1. Thanks. I fear I was premature in announcing my return. With the home in Fort Mill and the home in Florida still to be sold and a business to rebuild, I can only hope to add a bit to the amazing and wonderful job Ron, Wes, Mato and others have been doing. I plan to do one a day until I can do more, hopefully soon.

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