IRV and Green Party Candidates in Burlington VT

According to this story in the Burlington Free Press, there are five candidates running for city council in Burlington, VT. The election is March 3. It appears that even in the races with more than two candidates the one with the most votes win rather than a run off or using instant runoff voting.

Howver in the Mayor’s race, Burlington had adopted Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) in 2006, and this article published today  “Burlington Voters to Use Instant Runoff” describes how it was received, and how it will be used again on March 3 to determine the winner between five Mayoral candidates. This Mayor’s race is partisan, and includes a Progressive (Incumbent), Democrat, Green, Independent, and Republican. See the sample ballot with the ranked choice options here.

The Green Party candidates are:

  • James Simpson, Mayor
  • Jerri Kohl, Ward 1
  • Gregory Knops, Ward 2
  • Steve Ekberg, Ward 3
  • Lisa Ann Oberbrunner, Ward 5
  • Kim Mason, Ward 6

James Simpson’s positions are published in the Burlington Free Press here.

Burlington Vermont Green Party website is here.

Ronald Hardy

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