PA Green Party Seeks Action Against Judicial Corruption in Juvie Scandal

White-hot outrage cannot adequately describe Green reaction to revelations of children unjustly sent to PA juvenile detention centers on the orders of corrupt local judges.

Two Pennsylvania judges have pleaded guilty to earning millions by wrongfully sending teenagers to privately-run youth detention centers.

Prosecutors say Luzerne County Judges Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan took $2.6 million in payoffs to place juvenile offenders in a situation in which personal greed fed by corporate excess turned people into profit.

“This calls to the very question of the value of the civil rights of the individual children wrongfully removed from their homes to appease the ‘predatory capitalism’ conducted by Pennsylvania Child Care, LLC” said Hillary Kane, Chair of the Green Party of Pennsylvania. “When I think of the long-term impact unwarranted juvenile detention will have on those children and their families, it really makes me angry.”

“The concept of removing the responsibility and oversight of public governing to private corporations has been one of increasing belief that market forces, which worship profit over people, could deliver services more efficiently and at a lower cost to taxpayers,” said Blyden Potts, Secretary of the Green Party of Pennsylvania. “What you wind up with is this type of abuse that would not occur under a properly-led public administration that respects its citizens.”

The Green Party of Pennsylvania believes local municipal and township governments have the right and duty to refuse the contracting of some state activities. We call for local governments to enact ordinance prohibitions against the private management of public responsibilities, specifically, juvenile detention centers in their locale.

Social Justice remains a key pillar of Green political beliefs. This scandal has shaken Pennsylvanian parents and families to the core. We grieve for the suffering of the parents and young people wrongful abused. Greens call for not only full financial and judicial redress for the innocent people involved, but for a full investigation of the political environment that allowed for the many years of corruption and abuse by the two judges, and those private business interests complicit in this scandal.

Said Carl Romanelli of Luzerne County; “Sadly, Greens have been at odds with these judges here in Luzerne County for years. It makes one wonder where the peer review has been. Further, the appeals system in Pennsylvania simply rubber stamps the corrupt decisions of criminal judges. We must break the cycle of judges protecting themselves, and their exclusive club, rather than protecting the rights of Pennsylvanians. You need look no deeper than my case with the state court to see this ugly dynamic at play,” said Romanelli referring to his ongoing ballot access court case.

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  1. this is the way Pa. Children and Youth as well as the Juvenile Delinquency agencies have probably always worked. When I was a clerk typist and file clerk and youth worker for the state of pa. I saw this sort of thing all the time. I even experienced it within my sister’s family. As a CYF state level worker I saw complaints from women who worked in homes that sent their observations to the Childline address that were just shredded. Often times they backed up the complaints of children in such facilities.
    I observed the disappearance of a file from the foreign adoption records where a little girl in 1997 from either Montgomery or Delaware county was beaten to death by her “adoptive” mother. The girl and her unrelated “adoptive sibling” had come from Honduras. I had filed the folder one day and when reading the newspaper saw her name as being one of the Central American stolen children who was killed by the “adoptive” mother who would never be allowed to have a child from any agency in the USA due to age and mental problems. Vilma Darnell who was the Panamanian/American woman who handled foreign adoptions had given me the file to return to the records cabinets. She had had the adoption notorized but in paperwork that I sorted for the mail delivery was informed by the Secretary of Health and Human Services that we never had that file did we??? The same paperwork was sent to Larry Yarbourgh and Warren Lewis who were Vilma’s supervixors/bosses in the Dept. at the Bldg which houses CYF on the Hbg. Hospital Grounds. I had checked the next day for the file but it was gone!!!! Someone had removed it before the start of the shift at 8-9 am. The Honduran government was making a complaint to the State Dept. on the federal level. My senator and representative were uninterested. One is still our senator (a republican), I know that two of the people I mentioned above were registered democrats and Mr. Lewis was a deacon in some Church of God affiliate. NO ONE GAVE a damn about punishing the people who let the girl into the states illegally. The same sort of thing went on with the Loysville Juvenile facility when I was there for 5 months on probationary status as a Youth Worker. Kids who stole bikes were put into living quarters with murders and boys who were rapists. My own nephew was put in a facility named for an explorer of the south pole where it was known that rats were more prevelant than counselors and that the food was full of bugs. He was truant because of the gangs that ran his school in North Phila. but he was the one sent to a juvenile facility not the gang/drug dealers. He only waited at the corner until my sister left for work and would spend the day at home to avoid being beat up.
    Before that I was told that Cambria County had a girls facility where the county commissioner was named Drapcek and his mother ran the CYF dept. in the county. The place was constantly cited as being on the verge of shutting down due to broken windows, improper sleeping quarters for the girls and reports from the local people that the girls were soliciting. I met a transportation dept. manager who said that 10 years previously when he was working for the state on road projects that he had to keep his men from frequenting the “home” as the CYF people actually allowed prostitution!!! Same senator who wants to be governor and rants against government waste did not care.

  2. They are all corrupt, almost every judge, police officer and sheriff in Cumberland and york county’s . The schools boards, local community leaders. All absolutely out of control. If your family isn’t a high ranking Christian or Cocaine dealer you won’t get a fair anything here in central PA. Good luck and Good bye.

  3. Children and Youth Services in Crawford County are quite corrupt. Took my 7 year old away based on lies and more lies. Fighting to get her back and clear my family. Racist and prejudiced in so many ways, I thought this had to be wrong, but truly am living a nightmare!!
    I will fight til by baby is back and then i will keep on fighting until those who are corrupt are gone.

  4. There is a young man named Matthew Heckman who has a current battle going on in York County. You may find what he has to say interesting.



    I’m a regular listener to Mr. Heckman’s program on blogtalkradio.com and he really puts out a good message.

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