Pete Karas for Mayor of Racine (Video)

Former Alderman Pete Karas has formally entered the special election for Mayor of Racine, WI, an economically challenged community of 80,000 on Lake Michigan between Milwaukee and Chicago.

He sent this video out today:

Karas is a life long resident of Racine and has been involved with the Green Party for years. Please check out his website and consider donating a few bucks to his Green Campaign for Mayor of Racine.

Ronald Hardy


  1. This is a good Green platform. Cities will never be able to address energy costs and their environmental impacts until they take control over the energy production from the commercial energy distributors.

  2. The video is very well done.

    Pete is well respected in Racine from his time on the City Council and his local activism. He should have a good chance of winning this election.

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