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GPUS suggests $100 for the first 100 days

Posted in National Greens on April 30th, 2009 by Gregg Jocoy – 3 Comments

In a tweet sent to GPUS supporters it is suggested that one way to “celebrate” the first 100 days of the Obama administration would be with a donation to the Green Party.

On a more personal note, I used to donate to my local NPR station, but since they virtually never cover the Green Party and accept baskets full of corporate donations, I have decided to divert those dollars to the Green Party. For me it’s a matter of supporting those who support me.

If you are inclined to give you can use this link.

Green Party – Torture is criminal: investigate, prosecute

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In a press release issued April 29th, the Green Party of the United States called for a full investigation of Bush era officials who provided justification for torture. The press release calls for the appointment of a special prosecutor, and says that any attempt by the Obama Whitehouse to limit the investigation will be an obstruction of justice. The full content of the press release can be found by clicking the “Read more” link or this article’s headline. read more »

Green Watch TV

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The Harris County Green Party (TX) is sponsor of a local cable TV program titled GreenWatchTV. Harris County is home to Houston, and the program, shown Wednesday nights from 9 to 10 PM, recently featured Liaquat Ali Shaikh, co-chair of the Pakistani Green Party, in their show titled South Asia Geopolitics.

Many of their programs are available here. The online videos are low resolution webcasts.

Pat LaMarche publishes columns in Maine paper

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Former Maine Green Independent Party candidate for Governor and Vice Presidential nominee in 2004 Pat LaMarche has been publishing columns in the Bangor Daily News for some time. The link takes you to a listing of 36 of her columns. The latest is Support a happy ending for women. In the column she discusses wage disparity between men and women.

Last year’s female earners would have had to work until April 28, 2009, to make as much as the average man did in 2008. A woman has to work 118 days longer than a man to receive “equal” compensation.

Other topics she has written about recently include Earth Day, taxes, veterans, marriage equity and organ donation.

Know another Green Party author? Let us know so we can let our readers learn from what they have written.

Richard Carroll jumps ship, joins Democrats

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Richard Carroll, the only Green currently in a state legislature, has announced that he plans to leave the Green Party to become a member of the Democratic Party. The Associated Press has an article here and IPR has one one here. In addition there are articles at WXVT, Arkansas News, and The Arkansas Project.

GPW will attempt to reach Arkansas Green Party leaders and report more as more comes in.

DeKalb County (IL) Greens organize

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In an article at the Daily Chronicle, reporter Elena Grimm reports that the success of the Green Party in Illinois has generated so much interest that a new local chapter is being established in DeKalb County. The article says that this first meeting is to be held tonight at the DeKalb Public Library.

Registration open for annual national meeting

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In an email sent to Independent Political Report, the Green Party’s national office announced that registration is now open for the 2009 Annual National Meeting. According to the email, the first 70 registrants will be able to take advantage of an “early bird” discount. The $130 registration fee can be paid here. A variety of panel discussions and workshops are still in the planning stages, and ideas are being actively sought.

Matoska on Arlen Spector

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In an article at Op Ed News, California Green Mato Ska discusses Arlen Spector’s decision to leave the Republican Party and cast his lot with the Democrats…and why he hasn’t done the same.

The work that needs to be done needs a new vision and a new agenda. It’s all too much to expect from the Democratic Party.

ELECT-ALUJAH! It’s Up to US, New York!

Posted in Local Elections, Local Party News on April 28th, 2009 by Gregg Jocoy – 1 Comment

In a message from his campaign, the Rev. Billy Talen explains why “It’s up to US New York.”

After reading the text, watch the video. The personal statements of these people, who so clearly know Billy well, is very moving, and speaks to how the Green Party is being seem as a political party concerned about every day people.

Dear Wonderful People,

It’s happening now, isn’t it? Can’t you feel it? The heat coming off the pavement, people mingling, bumping into each other in those deliriously unexpected ways that IS New York City in the Springtime. It’s getting HOT out there, and thanks to your support our campaign is heating up too!

This Sunday come out to campaign HQ to watch the premier of our new “singing endorsement” video. Sunday May 3rd, come to 250 Lafayette at 5:00pm. If you can’t get to NYC, don’t worry, we’ll be posting it online by 9:00pm Sunday night.

This video is to be our calling card, our testament and testimony to the resilience and ingenuity of local economies, our shout out to the fabulous 500 neighborhoods!

We need your help to spread the message. $10 adds up and pays the rent on our headquarters. $100 will allow us to advertise the singing endorsement video online. $1000 will pay for a print run of our latest palm card.

The Wall Street Journal and Village Voice published great articles about our campaign. The new HQ is a buzzing little hive. We had people dancing in the street at our opening party, people! It’s about time for that kind of presence in public space, isn’t it? It’s about time for us to come together again, drop our guard, open ourselves to new possibilities.

Give $10, $100, $1,000 or whatever you can afford. Donate here. Sign up here to volunteer. We’re out there, people, we’re heating it up.

–Rev. Billy Talen, Green Party Candidate for Mayor of New York City

P.S. The list of friends made along the way just gets longer. These are some of the organizations and individuals that we’ve met on the campaign trail. Than you for your work Water Under Attack, Granny Peace Brigade, Picture the Homeless, Pratt Area Community Council, United for Peace and Justice, Code Pink, Times Up!, and Take Back NYU!

Arizona Greens looking for ballot access signatures

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One of the harsh realities for smaller political parties in the United States is difficult ballot access. The Arizona Green Party is undertaking that task again. In a brief article at reporter Joe Balian says that the Green Party of Maricopa County has kicked off their part of the statewide effort, with a goal of bringing in 40,000 signatures over the next year.

The article also reports that the Arizona Green Party has secured ballot status three times in the past twenty years. The Green Party of Pima County and the Green Party of Yavapai County are joining the effort, with the Green Party of Maricopa County already reporting 1323 gathered. Close to 4000 signatures have been gathered so far, and the state party is looking to double their current volunteer base to 40.

Illinois Green Party Action Alert: Stop House Bill 723

Posted in Press Release, State Party News on April 27th, 2009 by Ronald Hardy – 3 Comments

An Action Alert from the Illinois Green Party, which is being threatened by a bill working its way through the Illinois State Legislature that is being billed as the “Protect Incumbents Act”:

A hearing on HB723 – the “Protect Incumbents Act” – will take place before the Senate Elections Committee on Tuesday, April 30 at 1:00 pm in Room 400 of the Capitol. Greens and others across the political spectrum who are tired of top-down party boss politics are urged to take action.

* Testifying at the hearing is the best step that we can take. If you are in or near Springfield and can make it on Tuesday, call Dan Kairis at 847-695-3195 to coordinate meeting up with other Greens there.

* Call the Senators on the Senate Elections Committee and ask them to vote No on HB723. A list of Senators on the committee is included at the bottom of this message. If you live in one of these Senators’ districts, it is especially important that you call. Emailing is alright, but calling gets a lot farther.

* Spread the word. Although the bill seems to be especially targeted at Greens, it’s not just Greens who are adversely impacted by this legislation. It’s aimed all across the political spectrum at anyone who isn’t currently in power. Forward this message to as many groups as you can. The fight to defeat this bill will likely last past Tuesday.


House Bill 723, the “Protect Incumbents Act”, is a bipartisan-supported bill specifically aimed at the Green Party and all other “political outsiders”. Currently, if no candidate runs in the primary for a given office, Illinois law allows an established political party to “slate” a candidate onto the general election ballot. If HB723 passes, then “slating” would have to be accompanied by collecting a massive amount of signatures in a short, cold time frame, effectively ending the practice. The bill passed the House earlier in April, so we need to try and get it shut down in the Senate.
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New Mexico Green Party Disqualified By Secretary Of State

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Report from Ballot Access News:

On April 27, the New Mexico Secretary of State’s office said that it recognizes the Independent Party and the Constitution Party as being ballot-qualified. It said the Green Party and the Libertarian Party are not ballot-qualified.

The Green Party does appear to meet the statutory qualifications to be a major party. The law says, “Major party means any qualified political party, ANY of whose candidates received as many as 5% of the total number of votes for the office of governor, or president of the United States, as the case may be and whose membership totals not less than one-third of 1% of the statewide registered voter file on the day of the governor’s primary election proclamation.”

The Green Party candidate for Public Regulation Commission, Rick Lass, in 2008, polled 77,006 votes in a partisan race. The number of votes cast for president in New Mexico last year was 830,158. 5% of 830,158 is only 41,508, so Lass polled more than 5%. Also, the Green Party’s registration is greater than one-third of 1% of the state total.
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Tony Palmeri Named Deputy Mayor

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Tony Palmeri, re-elected to the Oshkosh Common Council on April 7, was nominated by new Mayor Paul Esslinger and elected Deputy Mayor on a 4-2 vote of the Council. Mayor Esslinger had often sided with Palmeri on issues over the last two years although Esslinger is a conservative and Palmeri is a Green.

While Palmeri, Esslinger and a third Councilor were often on the losing end of a 4-3 vote over the last two years, now that Bob Poeschl was elected for the first time and Esslinger has been elected Mayor the minority may have turned into a majority depending on how Poeschl votes and depending on who winds up on the seventh seat on the Council. Green Party member Poeschl will likely align with Palmeri on a lot of votes but it isn’t a given.

Palmeri has been a champion of open government and accountability. He and Mayor Esslinger have both been critical of the city’s liberal use of TIF districts to support development projects that don’t necessarily qualify as improving “blighted” areas as state law requires. Most recently Palmeri opposed a TIF district to build a Shopko (big box retail store) in a residential neighborhood that is not blighted and has had steady growth in retail business adjacent to the property without TIFs over the last three years.

Check out Tony Palmeri’s blog here.

Cornell Re-elected To Columbia Council In Maryland

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From Brent McMillan:

On April 25, 2009 Michael Cornell ran unopposed in his re-election bid for River Hill representative on the Columbia Association in Howard County Maryland.

This is a two year term. This is Mike’s second term on the Council.

Columbia Maryland was ranked the 8th best city to live by Money magazine in 2008.

Green News Roundup

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In an article at American Chronicle titled The Preacher and the Billionaire – the Battle for New York’s soul, the author argues that Rev. Billy Talen will use the freedom that comes from perceived weakness to reach out one-on-one and one neighborhood at a time in his effort to unseat billionaire media mogul Michael Bloomberg. Full disclosure, I am the author.

In a press release the national Green Party has highlighted local Green Party chapters and their efforts to celebrate Earth Day, with a particular focus on water. To illustrate local efforts, the press release says, in part,

Gordon Clark, the 2008 candidate for Congress in Maryland (8th District) has started a group called Montgomery Victory Gardens, which will promote backyard and community gardens in Montgomery County. He is lining up support for the effort from groups like the Organic Consumers Association and the Grow It, Eat It program.

Phoenix Biz Journal discusses an appearance by Ralph Nader and Ed Begley Jr. at that city’s Valley Forward’s annual Livability Summit.

Two state press releases were issued recently. One, from the Green Party of Pennsylvania calls for action to prevent the nomination of John Hanger as Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection. The second, from the Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts calls Democrats on a budgetary “Double Whammy”.

“While Democrats in D.C. are giving hundreds of billions of tax dollars to their friends on Wall Street, the Democrats in Boston are slashing local aid. They’re hitting Massachusetts families from both directions,” says Jill Stein, co-chair of the Green Rainbow Party (GRP). “Corporations get a bailout. Working families get a black eye.”

Our friends at Independent Political Report have beaten us to the punch recently, to their credit. They found an article congressional candidate Matt Reichel had written at OpEdNews.Com about his campaign to replace Rahm Emmanuel, President Obama’s Chief of Staff. Here is a taste

Now, if one ranting and raving peace activist with a campaign manager asleep on an inflatable air mattress alongside piles of campaign literature can register over 7% of the vote in just 5 weeks, imagine what could happen if the party had a little organization to it. Imagine if instead of hating the media, we learned to mingle a little with the corporate news hotshots and convinced them that Green is the future! Imagine if instead of always being negative, we were occasionally positive: if we smiled and said, “history is on our side!”

Tonight Green Party candidate for US Senate in Nebraska, Steven Larrick participated in a forum titled THIRD PARTY PERSPECTIVES AND THE ECONOMIC CRISIS at the University of Nebraska Kearney in Copeland Hall, Room 142 at 7 PM. If you’re not there…get there fast!

Minnesota Daily reports that the Democrat Farmer Labor Party has not endorsed Cam Gordon in his reelection bid for Minneapolis city council, but will work for his reelection.