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  1. I’d like to see Rosa run for local office first. She comes off as very passionate and loyal, and I think she’d really fight for her constituents and build a following that could allow her to set her sights higher in the future.

  2. Had she ran for Mayor, we would have gone crazy for her!

    I mean crazy, in fact we started a new generation Green Party chapter in Queens because Rosa and Cynthia inspired us when they ran the first womyn of color presidential ticket in the history of the US – in hopes to excite many more.

    But now its up to the white progressive, as I dont see Reverend Billy exciting the cultural diversity that is New York City. And it brings an extra challenge to what we were trying to do, to help rebuild the Greens in NYC. Not that Reverend Billy isnt a nice guy or anything …


  3. Why not draft Rosa to run for city council? There are lots of council races that are, to my knowledge, so far uncontested. Since a lot of city councilors just joined Bloomberg in repealing democratically-imposed term limits, it could be a good year for a grassroots democracy revolt.

    By the way, check out what Reverend Billy has to say about diversity, stopping gentrification, immigration justice, etc. I think you’ll find that he’s not just a candidate for white progressives.

  4. Good for Rosa and the Green Party!

    This great news! Exactly right. Run for City Council!

    She’ll get lots of attention, and perhaps even elected.

    Bravo Rosa!

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