The Greens plan to attend the 62nd annual meeting of the Withlacochee River Electric Cooperative

In a move to make Grassroots Democracy a reality, Florida Greens are planning to attend the annual meeting of the Withlacochee River Electric Cooperative to encourage that cooperative to leave dangerous technologies, like fossil fuels and nuclear energy, behind and move into the future of solar and wind energy.

In a posting at her Facebook webpage, Florida Green Anita Stewart encourages other coop members to join her at the meeting. The full contents of her report is behind the fold. Just hit the headline or “Read more” link for the rest.
Do you have WITHLACOOCHEE RIVER ELECTRIC CO-OP for your electrical service? READ THIS!

The Greens plan to attend the 62nd annual meeting of the Withlacochee River Electric Cooperative (coincidently on Earth Day), April 22nd. It will be at the Pasco County Fairgrounds on State Road 52, west of Dade City in the Dan Cannon Auditorium. Registration begins at 5:00 pm and closes at 6:15 pm. The meeting will be called to order at 6:30 pm.

Please join us to help re-enforce our message about the direction that we, as an energy co-op, should be going. We do not want to continue using energy from dangerous and expensive nuclear power plants such as the one proposed for Levy county (which although years down the road is being pre-funded by billing current customers).

We need less dependence on coal which has never been clean (and is ESPECIALLY environmentally damaging via mountain top removal). While giving more focus on solar here in the “Sunshine State”! Investment in renewable energy will pay off for us as a co-op and create much needed jobs right here where we use the energy.

All you need is to be a customer/member of WREC (if they bill you then you are a customer/member)and bring identification to show that you are. This could be a drivers license and a WREC bill. We have signs and fliers with solar info. Please come to show support for a new direction. As it is, our co-op is run by the same people every election running unopposed for their seats. Let’s share some new ideas and input with them on this significant day for our own sakes and that of our grand children. For more information call (352) 683-3151 and ask for Jennifer.

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