Illinois Green thanks his supporters

In a message posted at his campaign website, Steve Alesch discussed the results of the first Green Party campaign in Winfield Township, and his plans for the immediate future, including a possible run for Congress from the 13th District. The full text is linked via this article’s headline, or by hitting the “Read more” link.

We ran a hard fought campaign and the results showed it! Although we did not win, we made tremendous progress! This was the first Green Party campaign in the history of the township and 25% of the voters cast a vote for the Green Party candidate for trustee!

Even the official method of reporting the outcome indicates very positive results for the Green Party movement in DuPage County. Alesch for Trustee earned 1405 (8.94%) of the votes cast in a 6-way race, where four seats were elected and each voter had the opportunity to cast up to four votes for the trustee office. Furthermore, when you consider that 5540 people pulled ballots in the Winfield township, and 1405 people voted for Alesch for Trustee, that’s more than 25% of voters who cast a vote for the Green Party candidate. This is truly amazing progress!

I think this is a clear indication that the voters are becoming aware that we need solutions that put all the people’s interest first, rather than just the rich 1% who currently control our nation’s corporations, media, Republican and Democratic Parties, and OUR government!

With these tremendous results to build on, I am considering forming an exploratory committee for another run as the Green Party candidate for Congress for the IL 13th Congressional District in 2010. I would appreciate voters and supporters feedback. We will only be successful with your support!

Steve Alesch

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  1. In addition to the thanks above, Steve sent me this information, sent to him by Phil Huckleberry.

    We had three wins tonight. Jon Murray was reelected to the Mount Morris Village Board and Bob Braam was reelected to the Manhattan Library Board, both in essentially unopposed races. Our big winner tonight was Bruce Samuels, who finished first out of five candidates for four seats on the Oak Park Library Board!

    There were a couple of other notable finishes, including Mark Mallon’s 39.3% for Urbana City Council, a new record for an ILGP candidate in a partisan race; Val Densmore around 30% for Rich Township Clerk, a very good percentage for an area where we haven’t done a lot; and Frank Wedig winning 16% of all votes for four Dorr Township Trustee seats.

    These were all partisan races.

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