GPUS suggests $100 for the first 100 days

In a tweet sent to GPUS supporters it is suggested that one way to “celebrate” the first 100 days of the Obama administration would be with a donation to the Green Party.

On a more personal note, I used to donate to my local NPR station, but since they virtually never cover the Green Party and accept baskets full of corporate donations, I have decided to divert those dollars to the Green Party. For me it’s a matter of supporting those who support me.

If you are inclined to give you can use this link.

Green Party Watch News Network

Green activists reporting on Green Party candidates, chapters, committees and issues.


  1. My comment is off the subject, but whatever happened to the series of blog posts about each state Green Party? Alabama seems to be as far as it got.

  2. I have written the Alaska GP seeking someone to exchange emails to bring together the needed info to do a decent job. So far I haven’t heard back, so I may have to do a few more emails.

    I did say in the first state story

    There is no set time table for these reports so don’t be upset if the state you are most interested in doesn’t get covered as fast as you might like.

    Ron Hardy has been unable to do as much writing of late than he normally would, just as I was on semi-hiatus for a few months. Family concerns must come first.

    I expect that I will be able to get Alaska up by the end of next week.

  3. That’s a very smart idea, but why don’t people just donate to the GP a dollar for every day Obama is president? It will help the GP alot.

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