Metiria Turei elected as new female co-leader of Green Party of New Zealand

Metiria TureiGreen MP Metiria Turei was elected as the new female co-leader of the New Zealand Green Party yesterday at the party’s convention. Long time party co-leader Jeannette Fitzsimons stepped down garnering praise and recognition from across the political spectrum for her principled leadership. Party rules call for gender equality as one co-leader must be a woman and one must be a man.

Metiria Turei says there will be no radical changes to the Green Party under her watch.

She has been elected to replace Jeanette Fitzsimons as the female leader at the party conference being held in Dunedin this weekend. Ms Fitzsimons is moving to the backbench after leading the party for 14 years, saying she hopes to spend more time with her family. Male co-leader Russel Norman says he is thrilled Metiria Turei has been elected to the top job.

Ms Turei says it is a new face and new energy, but with the same cause and values. She pipped Sue Bradford for the top job, who says she will continue working as an MP for the party.

Ms Turei says the party will continue to build on the success it has already had with the Government, and they will continue to build on their successful memorandum of understanding with the Government.

The Greens are reveling in what has been a great week for them. In Thursday’s Budget it was revealed that they successfully hammered out a home insulation deal with National. Ms Turei says the home insulation package they have negotiated is better than the deal struck with Labour while it was in power.

Source: NewstalkZB


Democracy Unlimited to host Deep Democracy retreat

Democracy Unlimited of Humbolt County, CA will host a Deep Democracy retreat in early August. The deadline to register is June 1st.

Deep Democracy Retreats are right for you if you are:

* An activist, leader, organizer, trainer, or elected official engaged in issues of economic, environmental or social justice in your community;
* An educator, activist, organizer, trainer, or elected official seeking to improve your understanding of the history of corporate power and more effective strategies for resistance.


British TV star joins Havel in supporting the Green Party in EU Parliment elections

Kashmir born actress Joanna Lumley has endorsed the Green Party in upcoming EU Parliamentary elections. Lumley, co-star of the TV show Absolutely Fabulous and the Timothy Burton film Corpse Bride has recently won concessions from the British government in support of Nepalese Gurkhas right to settle in the UK.

Her decision, reported in the Daily Mail, included a specific endorsement of party leader Caroline Lucas, who is member of the European Parliament from the South East of the UK.


California Greens condemn Democrats and Republicans on marriage equity ruling by state supreme court

In a press release the California Green Party called the California Supreme Court ruling in support of Proposition 8, which banned marriage equity in that state, a sad day for the state, and accused the Democratic and Republican parties of complicity in the state’s continued failure to recognize the rights of gay Americans to marry.

The press release quotes Lavender Greens co-chair Starlene Rankin saying

“It’s a very sad day when we lose rights and move backward, instead of forward, toward justice and equality. How can the court allow discrimination to be written into our statutes?”

The entire press release can be read by clicking this article’s headline.

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Campaign consulting firm for Green candidates established

Former Green Party national co-chair Greg Gerritt of Rhode Island, Green Party mayor of the Village of Greenwich, NY and national party web manager David Doonan and Campaign Foundations and Georgia Green Party co-founder Hugh Esco have founded a new business to help Greens running for office win their elections.

This business, a cooperative, will focus on helping Greens with a wide variety of tasks associated with elections. Taking on such varied responsibilities as helping assemble campaign management teams, starting a fundraising program and website design, the cooperative intends to offer these services to Green candidates at as low a cost as possible. They also intend to offer services in ballot access petitioning.

Gerritt sent GPW a more detailed statement of the cooperative’s plans, which can be read by clicking this article’s headline.

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Václav Havel reiterates support for Czech Green Party

As reported earlier here at Green Party Watch, former Czech President and leader of the Velvet Revolution that ended communist domination of the Czechoslovakian government twenty years ago has thrown his support behind that nation’s Green Party. Their website is in Czech.

Now the poet and non-violent political leader has reiterated his support for his nation’s Green Party in an email exchange with The Prague Post, that nation’s English language newspaper. In an email to the paper, Havel writes “Under the leadership of Martin Bursík, this party was able to achieve a number of productive changes to the government, even more than their supporters could have hoped for.”

Havel is encouraging Green Party votes in the upcoming European Parliment vote June 5th and 6th.


National Day of Action

Greens prepare for the national Day of Action promoting Single-Payer national health care on Saturday May 30. In a press release the Green Party announced plans across the nation to draw attention to the need for healthcare for all.

According to the press release there are actions planned in Maricopa County, Arizona as well as in Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, and Illinois.

This press release follows closely on the heels of another press release issued May 26th which called for single-payer healthcare and criticized the so-called “Public healthcare option” being promoted by some.


Illinois Greens Condemn Anti-Slating Bill, Urge Governor to Veto

I got this in my inbox this morning. Pass the word. If you live in Illinois, please contact your state rep/senator to show your displeasure with this bill. And most importantly, call or write to Governor Quinn to urge him to veto this bill.

You can find contact information here. PLEASE call, email, and write to Governor Quinn to stop this undemocratic bill.

You can read the press release after the jump.

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Maria Kuriloff, prominent New York Green, dies

Maria Kuriloff died Tuesday, May 26th. A mother, wife, acupuncturist, Green Party activist, and co-star of the “Chats with Dr. Phinash.” film, Kuriloff is fondly remembered by all who knew her.

She was campaign manager for Malachy McCourt’s gubernatorial campaign in New York in 2006, served as co-chair of the national Accreditation Committee and the Presidential Campaign Support Committee, as well as serving as a State Committee member.

Those who knew her are encouraged to visit her website and leave remembrances. In addition, her husband and son are inviting her friends to a visitation and celebration of her life Sunday, May 31st at 1 PM at the Kuriloff House, 130 Norwood Ave, Malverne, NY 11563. A map can be found here.


California Greens issue latest edition of state party newspaper

Called Green Focus (PDF format), the newspaper of the California Green Party issued their latest edition. This summer issue is 16 pages long, includes articles from our own Wes Rolley. The paper covers recent propositions rejected by the state’s voters, water issues, the militarization of the northern coast, a possible state constitutional convention, marriage equity and many other issues.