Detroit Greens: Nationalize Chrysler!

Detroit Greens denounced the government-mandated bankruptcy of Chrysler.  Greens say that company should be nationalized and the resources given to and controlled by local communities.

“I am angry at the hedge fund hold outs. I don’t think the union should have agreed to give concessions while the speculators held out for more. Once again, the union has given another set of concessions, only to have them come back and demand more,” said Wendy Thompson, Detroit Green and retired former president, UAW Local 235, American Axle, Detroit Gear & Axle.

“The government should take control of Chrysler. It should create a public trust relying on the expertise of engineers, the workforce, the community and environmental leaders. An industry based on cars alone is not a viable future for the planet. Instead the government should be creating a transportation and alternative energy industry to expand immediately beyond fuel-efficient vehicles. We should produce renewable energy products including wind and water turbines and solar panels, and trains and buses for mass transit and light rail,” Thompson continued.

“Bankruptcy threatens the entire U.S. pension structure. The government must secure pensions and health care for those workers who have it as well as to extend health care and pensions to all workers by expanding the Medicare and Social Security programs,” Thompson concluded.

“Bankruptcy for Chrysler Corp. will continue and accelerate thousands of Chrysler workers losing their jobs, their income. Tens of thousands of parts plant workers as well will lose their jobs. Small businesses will close. Entire communities will be permanently damaged,” said Fred Vitale, a retired Ford engineer, Detroit Green, and state chairperson of the Green Party of Michigan. “We say no to corporate welfare. Each person, each family should be protected. We support healthcare, accessible and affordable water, as well as a moratorium on foreclosures and utility shutoffs by law.”

“Workers tossed aside and communities destroyed has been the story in Michigan and surrounding auto states — Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin — for years. Bankers ruined our economy by gambling with our money. Now they want more. I say no. Nationalize Chrysler and give the assets to the workers and communities,” said Derek Grigsby, chair of the Detroit Greens, and a candidate for Detroit City Council.
“The Green Party also supports a green public works program which includes a job for everyone who needs it at a living wage. They can work to rebuild our infrastructure. We should convert the abandoned factories to produce mass transit, solar panels, and other socially useful and energy efficient products. People can also be employed providing healthcare and child care, creating green spaces, gardens and farms,” said Clyde Shabazz, candidate for Detroit City Council.

For more information: contact Fred Vitale, 313-580-4905

Ronald Hardy

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