Green Party Facebook sites

Various Green Party sites are up and running on a variety of social networking sites. Here are some of Facebook:

Faces of the Green Party
Green Pages, the official newsletter of the GPUS
Charleston (SC) Green Party
And finally, the Green Party of the United States

Please consider joining the GPUS group in particular. There are currently 954 members and it would be so cool if that number topped 1000 because of sign-ups from here.

If you are involved in a Facebook group that is specifically Green Party oriented, state, local, candidate, national, caucus…whatever, please post it in the comments and I’ll bring it to the front and include it in a future post.

Green Party Watch News Network

A network of Green activists reporting on Green Party candidates, chapters, committees and issues using Green Party Watch, social networks, radio and TV to carry news of the Green Party before the American people


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