On being a Twit

As 52 of you know, GPW posts are now being Twittered. We are using Twitterfeed.com to post GPW feeds to our Twitter account.

Because we don’t want to make people mad by sending them tweets after normal bedtime we are posting only during reasonable hours using GPW’s post-dating feature. This post, for example, is being written at 5:45 AM East Coast Time, but won’t appear, nor be tweeted until 9:45 AM.

There was apparently a glitch either in Twitterfeed or our particular account yesterday, and posts to the site were not being sent. I posted them directly via the web, and then twitterfeed sent the same post five hours later. From now on we will wait until Twitterfeed fixes whatever problems they have and avoid sending the same info to you twice.

If you are not one of our Twitter subscribers this doesn’t matter to you, but if you don’t subscribe, why not give it a whirl.

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