Voxunion brings us McKinney/Clemente again

Voxunion, self-described as “media for progressive ideas”, has run articles by and about Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente for some time. Led in part by Jared Ball, an early contender for the Green Party’s Presidential nomination in 2008, the site operates a number of initiatives.

Voxunion.com is home of Organized Community of United People (Organized C.O.U.P.) – a group of Washington DC based activist working to effect positive change in communities of color through media and education, FreeMix Radio – the original MixTape radio show, the Morning Chuckle (the MC) and more.

Describing voter’s “buyer’s remorse” after seeing the direction the Obama administration has taken since inauguration day, Cynthia McKinney discusses the Obama administration’s decision not to pursue Bush administration criminals who authorized torture, Obama’s refusal to end rendition, the practice of sending prisoners to countries that torture, and his expansion of the war machine and it’s budget.

these expressions of “buyer’s remorse” indicate that people knowingly allowed themselves to be swept into the voting booth and vote against their values…Our agenda provided a clear route to an end to torture, rendition for torture, warrantless wiretapping, spying on U.S. citizen activists, and an end to war.

Perhaps most interestingly she goes into a discussion of the current economic shell game, describing it as an opportunity to take America’s economy and hollow it out to benefit a very few. At the end of the essay she begins to discuss the role of the Federal Reserve system. Setting the table for future articles, she writes in the April 8th column,

The first work I want to take excerpts from is, “Money Facts,” 169 questions and answers on money authored by the Subcommittee on Domestic Finance, House of Representatives Committee on Banking and Currency, 1964.

Some of these 169 questions, and the answers, are published at the end of the article, including:
6. Does Congress supervise Federal Reserve policymaking? (No)
7. What problems are raised by an ‘independent’ Federal Reserve?
10.Who really directs Federal Reserve operations?
11. Do private bank interests influence Federal Reserve policy? (Yes)
12. Does it matter what amount of money is supplied the economy? (Yes)
165. Who favors Federal Reserve independence?

Meanwhile, in a sort of reprise of her article Russell Simmons You Are Not Hip Hop, Green Party Vice Presidential nominee Rosa Clemente has published a column titled Obama is Not Hip Hop.

The column, published late last year, explains why Obama, despite support from the likes of Jay-Z, Russell Simmons and P. Diddy, does not represent the first Hip Hop President.

I have always followed a rule: never allow someone to become your priority while you become his or her option. For President Elect Barack Obama and the entire Democrat Party leadership in this country, the Hip Hop generation has never been a priority, we have always been an option and that option is used mostly to get out the vote during elections.

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  1. That would be awesome. NYC already has four Green candidates: Billy Talen for mayor, Lynn Serpe for City Council in Astoria, David Pechefsky for City Council in Park Slope, and Walter Nestler for City Council in the East Bronx.
    Green activists in NYC are pretty busy, but they should totally start an effort to draft Rosa Clemente for a city council run.

  2. She may make it in NYC…but I still, after 10 months don’t see the appeal overall.

    At the time of her nomination for VP nobody involved in the GP, in her “resident” city of Charlotte NC had heard of her. Rosa had the opportunity to help with getting McKinney/Clemente write-in status in NC and she didn’t so much as announce that she was a resident of NC, much less help in the petition drive…All they needed were 500 signatures in the STATE.

    Of all the McKinney “reasons”, the choice of Rosa as VP and her lack of interest, had more to do with my leaving the GP as anything else.

  3. An NYC Green told me that he was hoping Rosa would run for mayor. I think in the South Bronx, where poverty and environmental justice are major issues, she could make a viable run for NYC city council.

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