Campaign consulting firm for Green candidates established

Former Green Party national co-chair Greg Gerritt of Rhode Island, Green Party mayor of the Village of Greenwich, NY and national party web manager David Doonan and Campaign Foundations and Georgia Green Party co-founder Hugh Esco have founded a new business to help Greens running for office win their elections.

This business, a cooperative, will focus on helping Greens with a wide variety of tasks associated with elections. Taking on such varied responsibilities as helping assemble campaign management teams, starting a fundraising program and website design, the cooperative intends to offer these services to Green candidates at as low a cost as possible. They also intend to offer services in ballot access petitioning.

Gerritt sent GPW a more detailed statement of the cooperative’s plans, which can be read by clicking this article’s headline.

Green Party candidates and state parties deserve the best tools and campaign advice possible. They deserve to have their campaign needs served by dedicated Greens who can provide the services that candidates in other parties routinely obtain. The Green Candidates Resource Center is a cooperative created by long time Greens with years of campaign experience. We can provide Greens with many of the services that currently seem to flow from party specific campaign firms that do not make services available to Green candidates.

David Doonan, Hugh Esco, and Greg Gerritt have begun a cooperative, one that will grow through time. We make available to Green Parties and Green candidates a wide variety of organizing, intellectual, software, and personnel services. We can provide programs, teach campaign teams, help candidates hire staff, develop fundraising strategies, create a policy center for a campaign, and help a campaign use media more effectively, old school and new. At this point we do not have any cooperators who are willing to travel extensively and manage a campaign away from home, but we
expect that service will be offered soon as well.

We also know Green candidates have scarce resources, and we are committed to making sure that our services actually help your campaigns develop, knowing that if we do not help you, you will be unable to afford any services. We share that risk with you because we have all been there and done that.

Please check out our website at http://greencandidatesresourcecenter.com/

Send us an email, give our initial contact person, Greg Gerritt, a call at 401-331-0529. We are happy to talk to Green candidates and state parties, and can not know how to help you unless we communicate. Conversations while we decide how best to work together are always free.

Please feel free to share this email with everyone running, thinking of running, or helping a campaign. Share it also with Greens who might be interested in participating in this cooperative. We look forward to helping Greens run better races.

The Green Candidates Resource Center Cooperative

David Doonan NY
Hugh Esco GA
Greg Gerritt RI

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