NYC Greens to hold meeting to establish citywide Green committee

From Green Party of Brooklyn:

Meeting to establish citywide Green committee

Thurs, June 25,  6:30P – 9P,  Rev Billy Talen For Mayor HQ – 250 Lafayette St.

One of the key action items that emerged from our citywide strategic planning process was to set up a citywide Green committee consisting of representatives from all five boroughs’ county organizations as well as at large members.

This committee would start by co-ordinating borough activities and pooling resources, moving toward unified branding and a citywide structure.

Our proposal is to select up to fifteen representatives – 3 from from each borough.  Representatives would commit to: a) doing regular outreach to ascertain the desires and interests of Greens in their areas, and b) attending meetings and participating in working committees to further the progress of the Green Party in New York City.

Who these reps will be, how they will be chosen, a basic decision-making process, and specific initial projects to be undertaken, will be the subject of this meeting.

A couple of items to be discussed include choosing a name for this body (the recommended name is the Green Party of New York City); setting up a process whereby the group can endorse political actions and statements; and approving a piece of citywide Green literature.

Take the N,R,W trains to Prince Street, or the 6 to Spring Street, or the B,D,F,V trains to Broadway/Lafayette station (at Houston).  250 Lafayette is about two blocks south of Houston Street.

If you cannot attend the meeting but have thoughts on how the citywide committee should be structured or what it should do, please email info at greenpartynyc dot org.

Hat tip to Michael Emperor.

Dave Schwab


  1. This is interesting news.

    First you need Green Party candidates on the ballot in all 5 parts of the city.

    If you are going to create a city Green Party you need a Chair, a vice chair, an agenda.

    You need to elect the Chair.

    You need to nominate by simple majority.

    You need to operate under Robert’s Rules of Order.

    Good luck!

  2. One other important point, after 20 years of attending Green Party meetings.

    You need to limit all speakers to 2 minutes.

    Too many faux party members come to such meetings and filabuster. Talking too long by any single person prevents necessary business, like identifying, nominating, and running candidates from getting done.

    If you aren’t putting Green Party candidates on the ballot you are NOT a real political party.

    You are discussion group. The two are very different things, my Green friends.

  3. @ Elizabeth:

    Thanks for all the helpful pointers. The Green Party has been active in NYC for over 15 years, and has run candidates at all levels. We have 4 candidates for City Council this year, and a great candidate for Mayor – Rev. Billy Talen, http://www.voterevbilly.org/. Check out the link in my name for more info on the Council candidates.

    We’ve held many meetings as Region 2 of the Green Party of New York State. This meeting is to further establish mechanisms whereby we can communicate more efficiently in this very large, both in population and in geographic size.

  4. Eager to hear the results of the citywide green committee.

    I hope that the plans are to make this committee representative of various green party voices across the city and not just a dictatorship of one.

    Please get your “subscribe to green party watch” link working as soon as you can…

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