FaceBook asks: Are you done with the Democrats?

The Face Book group I’m done with Democrats has grown to 331 members in only a few days. Today one of the Grand Poo Bahs of the group sent me a request to write my local paper, the Democratic Party or a legislator telling them why I had left the Democratic Party. I explained that I had left LONG ago and never saw a reason to return, but did give her something she could, perhaps, use. To read what I said were the reasons I left the Democratic Party, hit this article’s headline.

I’m done with the Democrats. I am done with their “saving” a few dollars by cutting out benefits for poor and sick people while wasting TRILLIONS of dollars on a bloated military we do not need.

I am done with the Democrats. I am done with their willingness to ignore our Constitutional rights, and to allow police and secret police to use unconstitutional and immoral means to send non-white drug users to jail.

I am done with the Democrats. I am done with their unwillingness to spend cash recruiting active party members on the ground and educating them about politics and how they can make change in favor of slick ads that can be controlled from the top.

I am done with the Democrats. I am done with their serving, at best, as a reverse reflection of the Republican Party. Drawing cash from the same stinking corpses of Big Business which are dying as we type, using the same lobbying and legal tactics to accomplish little more than protecting their jobs.

I am done with the Democrats because they never started with me. They never wanted my ideas. They never wanted my input. They never wanted my hopes, desires, dreams and aspirations for my family, neighborhood, city or nation. They only wanted my cash and my automatic vote.

I am done with the Democrats. Stick a fork in me…I am DONE

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  1. Its not enough to just quit the democrats. Now you need to help build other parties that will listen to the people and deliver.

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