500 Days to Mid-Term Elections

From the Green Party:

The 2010 elections offer an unprecedented opportunity for the Green Party. In the 2010 election cycle we will have the chance to get the Green message out and to hold the corporate parties accountable. Now more than ever our country needs an alternative that will fight for a Single Payer system, to bring ALL of our troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq, to take serious action on global warming, to bail out Americans who are suffering from the worst recession in nearly three decades, and to create a banking system that works for all of us and not just Wall Street.

The Democratically-controlled Congress has failed us on all these counts. Next year the entire House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate is up for election. In addition, 37 states will be electing Governors. Seats for other statewide officials will be up for election. These elections provide the Green Party with many opportunities to win and maintain ballot lines. The more ballot lines we win in 2010, the more opportunities citizens will have to vote for a sustainable and just future and the stronger we will be when we go into the 2012 elections.

In 2006, in spite of being badly outspent by his Democratic and Republican challengers, and a frivolous Democratic Party challenge to Green Party nomination signatures, Rich Whitney ran a strong race for Governor of Illinois. He won 10% of the vote – twice what was needed to secure the Illinois Green Party ballot line. This success enabled the Illinois Greens to hold their first Presidential primary and guaranteed a spot on the ballot for Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente. Winning a ballot line also allowed Illinois Greens to run a record 60 candidates in 2008.

Jill Stein got 18% in a two-way race for Secretary of State in Massachusetts; her campaign won the Green Rainbow Party of Massachusetts a Presidential primary and put Cynthia and Rosa on the ballot in 2008. Craig Bergland’s campaign for Governor won back our ballot line in Nevada and gave us another state we didn’t have to petition in last year.

Last year, your donations were vital in getting Cynthia and Rosa on the ballot in Arizona and Virginia – two states where voters did not have the opportunity to vote Green in 2004! Your support also won ballot access for the Arkansas Greens, who were the ONLY opposition to House and Senate incumbents in 2008.

With your help, we can win ballot access across America. Your donations will help put Green candidates on national, state, and local ballots. Help us meet the ballot challenges in 2010: 43,000 signatures in Texas, 15,000 signatures in New York, 10,000 signatures in Missouri. Although volunteers are instrumental, paid petitioners will also be needed. Each dollar you give can help get us one signature closer to ballot access.

With your help, we can build stronger state parties, recruit more candidates to run as Greens, get ballot access, and provide the American people with a choice for a sustainable and just future. Please give generously today!

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The Green Party takes no money from real estate companies, investment firms, or insurance companies. In fact, we don’t take any corporate money because we think corporate money in politics is wrong. If you agree, please help us today with your donation. If you can only afford a little each month, you can become a monthly sustainer so your donation can be spread over time.

Ronald Hardy


  1. It’s good for the national Green Party to focus on raising money for 2010 ballot access, but it’s bizarre that the letter would use Missouri as an example for a potential 2010 drive. Missouri only has two statewide races up in 2010, and there will be Libertarian and Constitution Party nominees for both of them. So the likelihood that the Green Party would get 2% in Missouri in 2010 is low; never has the Missouri Green Party been able to get 2% for any statewide race. The time to try winning party status in Missouri is in a presidential year when there are always 6 or 7 statewide races up. In Missouri, if a party meets the vote test, it lasts for two elections, so there is no advantage to trying in a midterm year. Instead of talking about Missouri, the party should think about Kansas, where the vote test is only 1% and there are 7 statewide races up in 2010. The Green Party has never got on the ballot in Kansas but if it did it just once, it could probably stay on.

  2. Interesting point. It might be because there are “Greens on the ground” in Missouri but not so much in Kansas?

    I like to ask “What would Nader do?”

    Nader would get some people into Kansas ASAP and start building the infrastructure (recruiting volunteers, candidates, etc.) now for 2010.

    This is what the Green Party needs to do. Send some organizers into Kansas (Kansas City, Lawrence, Topeka, Manhattan) and start getting the pieces into place.

  3. The Green Party needs 435 candidates for U.S. House of Representatives in 2010.

    A Green Party candidate on the ballot for every race – local, state, federal

  4. Missouri was just being used as an example of a lot of sigs gathered. After helping with WI and IA last year, i’d have to say wow! 10,000 is a lot,
    kudos Mo.!

    Who do ya know wants ta be a candidate?

    Know someone involved or interested in politics?
    Someone who is pleasant, aware, and comfortable projecting?
    Please let them know if you think they might get endorsement from local or state parties were they to want to run.
    Use it as the base of your join rap for intelligent well presented people, join so we can endorse and support your run.

    Even more important!!
    Know someone with good financial, filing, fund raising, publicizing, or other skills needed by campaigns?
    recruit them into the party,
    tell them how much need there is for them,
    find a candidate they can get excited about.

    Yourself, if you are not too busy supporting campaigns,

  5. If we are tired of trained politicians who are nothing more than lapdogs for lobbyists, then we need the everyday citizen to run as a green candidate in 2010! We must contest every race as possible.

    I drove our Green Party vehicle in an Independence Day Parade last night in a GOP town…and there were shouts of “Go Green” and ‘Yea Green Party”…we have supporters out there….we must give them a chance to vote for us on November 9th, 2010!

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