Jeremy Cloward running for Congress in CA special election

Jeremy Cloward is the Green Party of California’s candidate in an upcoming special election in CA’s 10th congressional district. Cloward is a professor of political science at Diablo Valley College. In a candidate statement on his website, he explains that he is running to help bring into existence ideas that will create a “more just and equal society.” His site contains a list of the first ten bills he plans to submit to Congress. A sampling:

H.R. #1: Universal Health Care

H.R. #2: Universal Daycare

H.R. #3: Universal Education

The independent website That’s My Congress has this to say about Jeremy Cloward:

An important difference between Cloward and his opponents is that Cloward does not owe his allegiance to one of the dominant political parties. Cloward is a member and candidate of the Green Party.

Liberated from the restricting structures of the Democratic and Republican parties, Cloward has come up with a number of specific, innovative ideas about how to deal with the most serious problems Californians, and the rest of America, are now dealing with.

In a recent facebook message to supporters, Cloward wrote:

The strategy that our campaign is using to “get the word out” is to literally take our platform to the people. We intend to do this by having our volunteers (myself included) pass out pamphlets in front of Safeway stores throughout the 10th District.

With as little as $5 dollars we can generate 150 pamphlets. If our campaign (all of ours) is to truly help create a “more just and equal society” then we will have to do it. That is why today we are asking if each one of our supporters would donate $5 dollars to the campaign so we can bring our message to the people of the 10th district and let them know that they will have a real choice on Election Day.

Jeremy Cloward for Congress facebook page

I wish Jeremy the best of luck in his campaign, and I’ll do my best to keep GPW readers posted.

Dave Schwab

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  1. We here at Third Party Revolution endorse Jeremy Cloward in his campaign for California’s 10th Congressional District, along with many other third party and independent candidates seeking public offices nation-wide, ranging from local to federal levels.

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