September Jobs and Safety Net Action Month


September Jobs and Safety Net Action Month 

National Jobs For All Coalition and other key contacts, 

I believe we should call for a “Jobs and Safety Net Action Month” from Friday September 4th to Friday October 2nd. A month of local actions and news conferences calling for a national jobs for all program and a safety net to protect the people from the impact of the economic crisis would be a continuation of our First Friday actions. This would give the local groups the leeway to pick a date for their action.  We should use these actions to continue coalition building in support for THE DRIVE FOR DECENT WORK and the November conference.  We should also consider holding a national news conference/action in NYC to announce our campaign. 
                                                                        In Solidarity.   Logan Martinez 

Dear Friends,                         

         The next First Friday Action day will be August 7th. On the first Friday of each month the Labor Department releases the previous month’s unemployment numbers, and the issue of unemployment and joblessness gets attention from the news media. The National Jobs for All Coalition is urging groups and unemployed workers to hold news conferences, vigils and pickets at unemployment offices, and to take other creative action to demand jobs and an effective safety net.  In September the First Friday will the 3rd, Labor Day weekend.  We are asking people to carry  “Jobs for All” signs at Labor Day events and marches. Local organizers are encouraged to choose the day to do your action but please do some action this summer.   

There are a total of 28.5 million people (17.7% of the labor force) who are unemployed or underemployed. (Officially unemployed: 13.7 million (8.9%). Millions of unemployed Americans are running out of their unemployment benefits bringing more trauma to their lives.

       The National Jobs For All Coalition needs your feedback.   We are debating our long-term strategy.  One proposal calls for an emergency jobs package/bill that will create 2 to 3 million jobs aimed at the areas of unemployment concentration. Another supports a more comprehensive jobs program that would result in a larger number being created.

      We are doing a review and update of the Drive for Decent Work as new bills are being introduced into the new Congress. THE DRIVE FOR DECENT WORK is the blueprint of the National Jobs For All Coalition’s campaign for jobs. The campaign supports several pieces of legislation in the U.S. Congress. These bills will make a wide range of improvements to our society and also create millions of needed jobs. For the complete list, check out THE DRIVE FOR DECENT WORK at www.njfac.org 

         We are also planning a conference in the fall.  If you have any suggestions or ideas on how to build the movement for jobs, please let us know. Thanks.         

                                            In Solidarity.   Logan Martinez  

Outreach Coordinator  / National Jobs For All Coalition                

937-275-7259  / loganmartinez2u@yahoo.com

Dennis Spisak

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