BREAKING NEWS: Israeli authorities deporting Cynthia McKinney

This breaking news comes via David Josue, a close associate and supporter of Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney: Editor’s notes in italics.

Mairead (Mairead Maguire, winner of a Noble Peace Prize for her work in Northern Ireland) called me(David Josue) and told me that Cynthia and the others were removed from the cells (an Israeli prison cellblock in Ramle) and sent to the airport. I called the American embassy in Tel Aviv to inform them. They did not even know about the transfer. I just spoke with the duty officer and he confirmed that they are at the airport and the embassy sent someone to talk to them. I don’t know the flight arrangement yet. It looks like they will enter via Boston, but this is not confirmed yet. I sent emails to Brent,(Brent McMillan, Green Party Political Director) Scott (Scott McClarty, Green Party Media Coordinator) and Sanda (Sanda Everett, Green Party national co-chair, California) in the west co(ast)


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  1. Too bad Israel did not keep her. She is a disgrace to the United States and certainly for us who still remember her in Georgia. All she does is run amok trying to get herself publicity. She has never held a job. She just wants to be a Media Diva and have the rest of us working stiffs donate money to her causes. By the way, her only cause is herself.

  2. Compare the courage it took to organize and participate in this effort to bring humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza with the “courage” it takes to write anonymous disparaging remarks on a blog. Hera, your insults are childish and mean-spirited. Why don’t you use your energy to do something positive? Need a good role model? I suggest Cynthia McKinney

  3. Hera is a hater. How about YOU go to Gaza with some crayons and food for the victims of apartheid in Palestine?

  4. Cynthia McKinney does not have courage. She has nothing but “gall”. She is a media whore. All she wants to do is make herself “a cause” so people like you will donate your money. If you want to do that its OK with me. I just don’t want her to take any more of mine. She is out of office in Georgia forever. She is a disgrace and those that voted her out of office know it.

  5. Someone else asked this question that deserves being posted here:

    What about the NON-Americans that were imprisoned along with McKinney and the others who were released already? Why are they only releasing some of the prisoners? Will the Israeli Government release ALL OF THE PRISONERS?

    By one person’s account, these people are still prisoners in Ramale:

    Othman Abufalah, Jordan
    Othman is a world-renowned journalist with al-Jazeera TV.

    Mansour Al-Abi, Yemen
    Mansour is a cameraman with Al-Jazeera TV.

    Ishmahil Blagrove, UK
    Ishmahil is a Jamaican-born journalist, documentary film maker and founder of the Rice & Peas film production company. His documentaries focus on international struggles for social justice.

    Derek Graham, Ireland
    Derek Graham is an electrician, Free Gaza organizer, and first mate aboard the Spirit of Humanity.

    Alex Harrison, UK
    Alex is a solidarity worker from Britain. She is traveling to Gaza to do long-term human rights monitoring.

    Denis Healey, UK
    Denis is Captain of the Spirit of Humanity. This will be his fifth voyage to Gaza.

    Fathi Jaouadi, UK
    Fathi is a British journalist, Free Gaza organizer, and delegation co-coordinator for this voyage.

    Mairead Maguire, Ireland
    Mairead is a Nobel laureate and renowned peace activist.

    Lubna Masarwa, Palestine/Israel
    Lubna is a Palestinian human rights activist and Free Gaza organizer.

    Theresa McDermott, Scotland
    Theresa is a solidarity worker from Scotland. She is traveling to Gaza to do long-term human rights monitoring.

    Adnan Mormesh, UK
    Adnan is a solidarity worker from Britain. He is traveling to Gaza to do long-term human rights monitoring.

    Adam Qvist, Denmark
    Adam is a solidarity worker from Denmark. He is traveling to Gaza to do human rights monitoring.

  6. Dear Randy:
    The answer to your question is “Because McKinney and her friends are obviously more important than the rest of your folks”. She gets the publicity and Israel lets her and her pals go. It happens with her all the time. She causes a fire and walks away from it. If you try to enforce the law she is breaking you are a racist or anti-female or a coward. We learned all about her when she was here in Georgia. I am only glad she is somewhere else.

  7. Right on, Hera! McKinney never had any courage. I do not know about her, but when she lost her re-election, her father blamed J.E.W.S. for that. (““IT’S THE JEWS! J-E-W-S JEWS!”) Makes one wonder, why is it modern liberalism has become so entangled with antisemitism…

  8. Seriously, Green Party has lost all of its credibility in my eyes when they chose Synthia McKinney to represent them.

  9. In my eyes, the only political party with any credibility is the one willing to stand up for the human rights of all people.

  10. The haters have arrived at Green Party Watch and are filling the comment sections with their bile. Please do not respond directly or address their lies. Remember, don’t feed the trolls.

  11. I am sooo glad that Calif. has MISS McKinney now. She f—ed up Georgia so much we want someone else to have some of the fun.. Rules are only for the peasants not “Royalty” like her……

  12. Suppose a former US government official was kidnapped by Iran in international waters. What would people like Hera and the MSM be saying?

  13. Saad,
    depends on who the former US gov. official was. You have not lived in Ga. and watched her throw the “race card ” every time things did not suit her.

  14. McKinney didn’t f— up Georgia, Georgia Republicans (and the Democrats that love them) f—ed up Georgia.

  15. so we have a politician that actually tries to be human being as well. then we have a few thousand that sit on their fat pimply ass in congress and rubber stamp any law put in front of them as long as its 100 % Kosher and fucks the surfs. To be signed by a president that seems to be content to continue the Bush doctrine that was written by some hollywood adventure film screenwriter. Only this guy has the roll of rock star, and economic professor, as well as warrior extraordinaire look and rep. booming new targets in Pakistan, where we have never declared war either. Sounds like to me that its all a game played with poor peoples lives, and the rules are made by the rich investment firms that bought Obama and others before, and the defense firms that sell weapons to the good people of the USA that keep the money in offshore accounts or Isreal so they don’t have to pay US taxes where they got it in the first place. Obama does not want to find these accounts, when he says he wants to shutdown the tax havens guess who he means. Better we stop thinking and stop watching, and live as well as we can. No human being is on the ballet, and if one was to offer his life, he would be nothing more fodder for the moneychangers, moneyprinters, you know our boss’s the ones that feed us heroin from the boob tube.After all they gave us the playbook “IN THE BEGINNING” so lets all shut the fuck up and cry for Micheal Jackson that what we really want. Poor people and middle class scum deserve what they get served up on a CNN platter by a man named Wolfie. Maybe if we are good little soldiers we will be treated to a glimpse of the corpse, as were tried of seeing Muslim bodies scattered all over the ground in some foreign land that we don’t even know how to find on a map. although these people deserve it because they don’t dance, and touch their dicks at the same time they sing walking backwards. we have become a world of high tech neanderthals we can acess a world of information from anywhere we stand, but don’t appreciate how we got it, dont even know the people that gave it to us. The leader neanderthals want to use it to kill as many others as the can so they can get money from other neanderthals that bought the technology from a more evolved species that did not no what he was selling would be used to rid the world of poor people. The game is fixed and people that want control are always corrupted by power, money drugs, and sex. Only when people stop and nip it in the bud do the people have a small chance of any input. Now its gone too far again, and we should know where that leads. all well be covered up by wars, and the personal suffering will be spread over the world like fertilizing dung in hopes to green a few households of people that will sit in Bunkers on the same pimply ass the sit on now. The game is fixed and we can not play, we don’t have the annie to get in because we don’t sit on boards making 500,000,000.00 per year with a hot line to the president of the world. nature will be the winner and neanderthals will be only fossils.
    so we should live and do whatever we can for ourselves and others, after we can do that. They cant stop thinking long enough to have a real life.

    We will in the end remember the good times, and I’ll bet we never paid a cent for them.

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