New Jersey Democrats Not Even Green Enough For the GOP

It’s a sad sign of how unreliable the Democratic Party has become on environmental issues: In New Jersey’s campaign for Governor, the Republican candidate (Christopher Christie) has criticized the Democratic incumbent (Jon Corzine) for not doing enough to promote sustainable energy. An Associated Press article on the subject leads with the headline, Christie wants N.J. to go greener.

Of course, if you really want to go greener in New Jersey, you ought to be supporting the Green Party of New Jersey. Unfortunately, there is no Green Party candidate for Governor of New Jersey this year. However, there is an independent candidate, Chris Daggett, who is a former Commissioner of the state Department of Environmental Protection.

Jonathan Cook


  1. I am reminded of a recent interview with Caroline Lucas, leader of the UK Green Party. Lucas said that the Conservative Party’s PR campaign to paint themselves green couldn’t hide the fact that the Conservatives have the worst record of any party on the environment. In fact, she thought that the Conservatives’ lame attempt to mimic the Greens was sending voters to the real Green Party.

    So it should be in the US. All the green words in the world can’t hide the Republicans’ abysmal record on environmental issues. Both establishment parties have proved that they will put profits over planet every time. Until their actions match their rhetoric, the best way for environmentalists to change things is to pledge to vote only for candidates with responsible, sustainable, science-based policy positions.

  2. Yeah, Stephen Welzer is running for General Assembly in NJ’s 12th district.

  3. At least with regard to the governor’s race, there’s not going to be anyone stronger on the environment than Daggett. He’s served in a variety of positions in the government, and in the private sector. He actually could bring those green technology jobs to NJ

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