Portland Greens Help Defend Marriage Equality In Maine

One of the most important things that sets the Green Party apart from other political parties in the United States is a consistent and strong support for LGBT rights, including marriage equality. While the Democrats waffle and triangulate, and the Republicans outright pander to homophobia, Green Party activists are getting to work to ensure that all Americans, regardless of sexual orientation, are provided with the equal protection under the law that the Constitution guarantees.

A grassroots example of the Green Party’s support for LGBT rights comes from Portland, Maine. Green Party activists there are organizing members to participate in phone banking in coordination with Equality Maine. They’re donating their time, and their cell phone minutes, to rally opposition to an effort to pass a ballot resolution similar to Proposition 8 in California. Maine only recently secured the right to marry for all couples, without discrimination, but right wing activists from across the country are pouring in resources in an effort to undo the progress.

Jonathan Cook

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  1. This is good – but in my state (Wisconsin) the leading organization for marriage equality is little more than a Democratic Party PAC that has appeared willing to sacrifice progress if it helps gets Democrats elected to office. Greens worked with them in 2006 and got shafted by the organization’s “leadership”. Ir0nically the former CEO of Wisconsin’s “Fair Wisconsin” is now the Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

    Until groups like this put gay rights and marriage equality IN FRONT OF partisan loyalty we will have an uphill battle in America on this front.

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