Green Party News Roundup – Illinois, Maine, Washington, Egypt


In Chicagoland, controversy has arisen regarding the political affiliation of an appointment to the Lake County Board. The man appointed to fill a Democrat’s seat has been accused of (gasp) pulling a Green Party ballot on February 5th. Turns out he pulled a Democratic Party ballot on March 21 though. One sympathetic board member said: “I understand a young man with liberal social leanings and environmental concerns pulling a Green ballot. I’ve been tempted to pull a Green ballot myself.”

Also, the Chicago Tribune has a short brief on the Illinois Green Party meeting this weekend.


The Bangor Daily News has a piece featuring the Maine Independent Green Party and its growth over the last 25 years. Besides quotes from John Rensenbrink and Jonathan Carter, it puts Gubernatorial candidate Lynn Williams on record saying “The bottom line is, I’m in it to win.” It also notes that another Green, Patrick Quinlan of Gorham, has registered to run for Governor as a Green as well. Will we have a primary?


Seattle Post Intelligencer covers the lawsuit brought forth in Washington State by the Green Party and others accusing the Secretary of State of compromising ballot secrecy through the use of tracking barcodes on ballots.


Black Agenda Report reports that Cynthia McKinney and the Viva Palestina Convoy may be proceeding now from Egypt to Gaza. The convoy, which also includes the UK’s George Galloway and Dead Prez’s M-1, has been tied up in US and Egyptian bureaucracy but may be advancing. The conditions for the Americans involved is apparently to sign papers waiving their rights to protection by their own government. Given how the US Government protected Cynthia McKinney and the others on the last two trips with the Free Gaza ships, that shouldn’t be a stretch to sign. See also Viva Palestina US.

Ronald Hardy


  1. According to Cynthia McKinney’s Facebook page the convoy has now arrived in Gaza. (noon eastern time)

  2. The story about the Maine Green Party is a good story, but it has a factual error…it says John Eder was the first Green Party state legislator. Actually the first was Audie Bock in California, elected in a special election in 1999.

  3. They must have corrected their story:

    “The Maine Green Party’s biggest victory came in 2002 when John Eder from Portland won election to the Maine House of Representatives. Eder’s election marked only the second win anywhere in the nation for a Green candidate for state office. In 1999, California voters elected Audie Bock to serve in the state assembly, but in the next election Bock left the party to run as an independent.”

  4. I would love to see a Maine Green primary…it would generate tons of interest and hopefully excitement for the upcoming election

  5. I am hopeful that the Green Party will win some City and Town seats this year.Also would love to see a strong run for Lynne Williams for Maines next Governor.

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