Pennsylvania Greens Speak Out Against Coal Scheme

In Pennsylvania, coal is still king. The state’s economy currently depends upon huge coal deposits, shipping coal to power plants far outside its borders. Most political leaders in Pennsylvania are therefore reluctant to do anything that might harm the interests of the coal industry.

The Green Party of Pennsylvania stands against this dirty energy arrangement. Jay Sweeney, chair of the Green Party of Wyoming County, Pennsylvania, spoke yesterday against a new state-sponsored scheme to try to make coal appear like a clean energy source. The idea is carbon sequestration, a yet-to-be-invented process of capturing carbon emissions as they leave coal-fired power plants, mixing the carbon into a slurry, and pumping that slurry into the ground. Sweeney said of the plan,

“Carbon capture and storage is no substitute for reducing carbon emissions. Pennsylvania should be reducing its coal fired power production by 50% and increasing its solar and wind energy production to compensate for this reduction… Capturing carbon, liquefying it and building a system of pipes to move the liquefied carbon to a sequestration site poses many environmental hazards including leakage into soil and water. The science is unproven and the results could be far more harmful than the benefits.”

Jonathan Cook

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