Free and Equal heads to Green Party national meeting

From FreeAndEqual.org:

Free & Equal Elections is a truly trans-partisan organization dedicated to ensuring that ALL candidates have a spot on the ballot, regardless of political ideology.

We have been traveling across the country to meet with like-minded activists who are dedicated to breaking the two-party stranglehold on our electoral process. We continue to use this outreach to help plan our all-out legislative assault on restrictive ballot access laws.

After attending Freedom Fest in Las Vegas two weekends ago, and the Libertarian National Committee meeting in St. Louis this past weekend, Free & Equal Elections will be in North Carolina for the National Meeting of the Green Party. There, we will meet with members of the Green Party and compare strategies for ballot access.

As we gear up for next year’s legislative sessions, we also are preparing two publications due out at the end of this year.

A State-By-State Ballot Access Guide

The guide will list the requirements for an independent and/ or third party candidate to achieve a ballot line, and will rank the states according to the ease of their ballot access.

A State-By-State Lobbying Guide

This guide will feature recommendations for lobbying state legislatures around the country to reform ballot access laws, and will include ready-made bills for introduction.

Free & Equal will also be announcing in the coming weeks election reform forums on the west coast to take place later this year. The focus of the first forum will be stopping the spread of the Top-Two Primary in California.

These are just some of the first steps Free & Equal is taking to ensure that restrictive ballot access laws become a thing of the past before the next national election in 2010.

To see more of what Free & Equal is up to, check out our strategic plan for 2009-2010.

Dave Schwab

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  1. This is Gail “for Rail” Parker, State Vice Chair of Virginia’s Independent Greens.

    Thank you for the superior reporting here at Green Party Watch.

    Free and Equal is doing important and valuable work.

    I am on my way to the National Green Party meeting today. Traveling by Train across Virginia and North Carolina.

    My bio:
    retired U.S. Air Force Officer. Mother, Grandmother. I will be attending the Green Party National meeting with my Granddaughter, who is a University student in Durham, North Carolina – so it is a special joy for me.

    In 2009 I am on the ballot as an Independent Green Party candidate for House of Delegates in Virginia. Our Independent Green Party of Virginia has 27 endorsee/nominee’s on the ballot for state legislature. The Virginia House of Delegates are elected for 2 year terms. There are 100 members. Currently it includes 2 Independents.

    7 House of Delegate candidates are on the ballot as Independent Green Party
    3 Constitution Party
    1 Green Party
    16 Independents.

    The Independent Greens of Virginia advocate “More Candidates, Less Apathy”. Every election should have a Green Party candidate on the ballot for every office.
    “More Trains, Less Traffic” cut depedence on foreign oil, stop the stupid oil wars.

    Fiscally and socially responsible.

    The Independent Greens have been a local group of Green Independent Reformers since Ross Perot. Indy Greens became a state party since 2002.

    The Independent Greens are affiliated with the Independence Parties of Minnesota, New York, Alaska, and Reform Party of Pennsylvannia among others.

    Beyond affiliation, there are two fundamental differences between the Independent Green Party of Virginia, and the affiliate of GPUS.

    1) The indy Greens operate all meetings by Roberts Rules of Order.

    2) The indy Greens are inclusive. Leftist, progressive, centrist, moderate, or conservative candidates are all welcomed and supported.
    Indy Greens have worked with Constitutionalists, Libertarians, and all Independents. The basic grassroots approach to to provide a positive Green alternative on the ballot.

    We’ve been more and more successful each year.

    This year only 29 of the 100 house of delegate seats are unopposed.

    I’ve been on the ballot for
    2005 House of Delegates
    2006 U.S. Senate
    2007 Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Chairman
    2008 U.S. Senate
    2009 ELECTED one of two representatives from Virginia, and Chair of the citizens advisory committee to the Washington D.C. Council of Governments Transportation committee
    2009 House of Delegates.

    Finally each year Indy Greens talk to about 700,000 Virginians face to face to collect 70,000 petition signatures to get our candidates on the ballot.

    Finally, in every race where a Green Party candidate has gotten on the ballot, whether local, or state – Indy Green candidates have withdrawn from that race to allow the Green Party candidate a clear field against the two larger parties.

    We appreciate and applaud the work of the Green Party.

    That’s why my Granddaughter and I will attend the National Green Party Meeting – I look forward to seeing you there…and updating you here on how it goes.

    I will urge everyone at the Green Party meeting to get on the ballot in their home state, and lift the Green Party banner as a candidate.

    Gail “for Rail” Parker
    Independent Green Party State Vice Chair
    candidate for Virginia House of Delegates 44th District 2009
    Independent Greens of Virginia

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