In the German city of Stuttgart, The Greens are on the rise

In the German city of Stuttgart, the Greens recently won the largest vote total. In a city with more than 500,000 people, that’s a considerable feat for The Greens. Another interesting thing about this is that the electorate in Stuttgart skews conservative and middle class. As the following report will show, many citizens of Stuttgart are socially liberal and and like the Greens for their forward thinking on issues like the environment, health, and people are saying that their fiscal policies make common sense.


Thanks to Tim T. for the tip.


I'm a member of the Illinois Green Party.


  1. Walter,

    Here’s the German Green Party’s Federal co-chair Cem Orzdemir.

    Sunday he did the “Summer Interview” in front of the Reichtag.

    Cem is also running as “Direct” candidate for the Bundestag in Stuttgart South.

    It’s one of the German Green Party’s strongest districts. To be elected “Direkt” Cem must receive the most votes.

    In Stuttgart South District there are now five candidates on the ballot.

    Opinion polls show Cem doing well at somewhere between 25% and 30%.

    Cem attended the U.S. Green Party National Meeting in Washington D.C. in …whatever year that was…

    Also…a little history. Rezzo Schlauch, who was the co-chair of the Green Party faction in the Federal Parlement 1998 to 2005, is also from Stuttgart. Rezzo’s great fun. He ran for Stuttgart Mayor in … I believe it was 1996…Got something like 46%…in two way run off…just barely missed being elected.

    It’s looking great for the German Green Party.

    Their message of Green Jobs! Jobs, Jobs…

    Is winning many votes….as your Deutsche Welle reports..

    We are grateful for your reporting here.

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