Charleston Green Party Organizes Before State Convention

The annual state convention of the South Carolina Green Party is taking place a week from today in Columbia. Down the road in Charleston, the local Greens will be getting ready with a meeting on Monday, August 3rd.

On the agenda of the Charleston Greens will be an official request to be recognized as an affiliate of the state party. The group has not been waiting for that official status to engage in Green action, however. Members have been working in coordination with other progressive organizations to prepare for Peace Day, escort women at local clinics, work at counter-recruitment events, and clean an Adopt-A-Highway area. They’re also getting ready for publicity efforts at a presence at the Charleston Green Fair.

Another issue that seems to be particularly motivating for Greens in Charleston is opposition to the extension of I-526. The transportation project threatens wetlands and would promote sprawling development in Johns Island, a rural area to the southwest of Charleston. The Charleston Greens are working with other groups to oppose the extension.

The Charleston Green Party meeting will take place 7:00 PM, Monday August 3rd, at Earth Fare in the South Windermere Plaza, Folly Road Boulevard in Charleston.

Jonathan Cook


  1. Thanks for update from our fellow southern Greens.

    I’m the Independent Green candidate for House of Delegates in the 82nd District.

    Just wanted to change subject and praise Theresa Amato’s new book “Grand Illusion”.

    Learned that Theresa and Todd Main married following the Green Party 2000 Presidential campaign.

    As a petition gatherer I worked with both of them a little then.

    Todd and Theresa have two children now, and live in Illinois.

    Hope that both of them are planning to get on the ballot in 2010 as Green Party candidates up there.

    Glad to hear they a both doing so well.

    The 377 page book is an easy read. The last 77 pages are footnotes and index.

    Encourage you to enjoy reading this.

  2. Dear Green Party Watch,

    Thank you for all the fine reporting on the Green Party.

    A report I’d like to read would be about the U.S. Defense Spending Waste approved in the U.S. House.

    Being debated now is the 2010 Federal Budget of about $3.6 Trillion dollars.

    There are some improvements in the current administration over the last.

    1. The entire Defense Spending – including those insane wars in Iraq, and Afghanistan have been included in the budget. Every year the warmonger Bushies were in office they never put the war spending in the defense budget. A pack of thieves.

    The U.S. House approved $636 billion in Defense spending for 2010 last Thursday. Of that the Wash Post reported $9 Billion earmarks.


    The DOD 2010 Billion that passed the Senate Appropriations commitee this week was much higher at $680 Billion. Of that $130 billion funds the 2 wars.

    Also known as welfare for the wealthy defense contractors and campaign contributors.

    Read bill summary for house here:

    The good news is that some things were “cut”.

    At Defense Department a program “cut” does NOT mean tax dollars are NOT spent. They are spent. Money is shifted to another Defense program…

    As Winslow Wheeler from the Center for Defense Institute — there are much better ways to invest these massive funds in growing America’s security and economy.

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