Global Green campaign to draft Amazon champion Marina Silva

The Green Party of Brazil is asking Greens around the globe to write letters urging Marina Silva, former environmental minister and potential presidential candidate, to join the Global Green family. A native Amazonian, union organizer and globally-recognized protector of the Amazon rainforest, Marina Silva’s many honors include being named a “Champion of the Earth” by the United Nations Environment Program. According to the Brazilian Greens, they have met with Silva and she is “very interested” in their proposal.

So far, Green Party representatives have written to Marina Silva from Austria, Israel, Sri Lanka, Japan, Morocco, the African Greens Movement, the European Greens, the GPUS International Committee, Argentina, Norway, Spain, Germany, Minnesota, and the UK. For more information and instructions on how to send a letter to Marina Silva, go to the following website:


Here is an excerpt of Marina Silva’s bio, taken from the aforementioned site:

Orphaned at age 16, she moved to the state capital, Rio Branco, where she received a Catholic education and worked as a household maid. She graduated in History from Acre’s Federal University at age 26 and became increasingly politically active. In 1984 she helped create Acre’s first workers’ union. She lead peaceful demonstrations called empates with Chico Mendes to warn against deforestation and the expulsion of forest communities from their traditional locations.

Silva as Senator

In 1994 she was the first rubber tapper ever elected to Brazil’s federal senate. As a native Amazonian and a senator, she built support for environmental protection of the reserves as well as for social justice and sustainable development in the Amazon region. Deforestation decreased by 59% from 2004 to 2007, during which she implemented an integrated government policy.

An article at Brazzil.com entitled “Brazilians take on global warming and steal the show” reports that Brazil is now the world leader in concern over global warming. According to the 2009 Pew Global Attitudes survey, 90% of Brazilians gave an affirmative response to the question “Is global warming a serious problem?” Argentina was second with 69% agreeing that global warming is a serious problem. Only 44% of US residents agreed with the statement. The article states that once-low Brazilian concern for the environment has skyrocketed in the past decade, due to a combination of natural disasters and leadership in the civic arena.

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