“Independent Greens of Virginia” Impersonating Political Candidates; Banned From Green Party Watch

Several individuals associated with the “Independent Greens of Virginia” have been banned from posting comments on Green Party Watch following accusations that they have been “posing” as political candidates in comments without those candidates knowledge.

The Independent Greens of Virginia are NOT affiliated with the Green Party of the United States. They claim affiliation with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and endorse Independent candidates in Virginia against their will.

A comment posted here on July 31, 2009, claimed to be Aaron Tweedie, an Independent running for Virginia’s House of Delegates. The “fake Aaron Tweedie” wrote that he was collecting petition signatures in 2000, supposedly in Texas for Ralph Nader, and touted Teresa Amato’s new book “Grand Illusion”. Another post the following day also claimed to be Aaron Tweedie, touting “high speed rail” in Virginia. Both posts were written with the email address novagreen@prodigy.net, from the IP address

Last night the Real Aaron Tweedie posted here:

This is Aaron N. Tweedie, the real candidate for 29th district of VA house of delegates. The above post is from an imposter. I was not in Texas gathering petition signatures in 2000. I was in VA building houses. I have never read “Grand Illusion” and am not familiar with the author Teresa Amato. I do not get my courage from the Green Party, but from knowing that I speak truth, and what I am doing is honorable, regardless of the outcome. I do not lie, and want all to know the above posts are falsehoods. I am not a Green Party member, and will remember this deception if I ever do pick a party.

After following up with Mr. Tweedie, we have determined that we are pretty certain who is falsely claiming to be him, as well as posing as up to a dozen more candidates for office in Virginia. Mr. Tweedie will be consulting his legal counsel and we here fully intend to support him in any action he takes against the Independent Greens of Virginia. Furthermore, we will be contacting the other candidates, all of them Independents in Virginia, and make them aware of the comments being posted here in their name.

This person, affiliated with the “Indy Greens of Virginia”, has posted comments under the names of:

Anthony Triplin, French Mackes, Robert Smith, Anna Marie Choi, Shirley Havey, Monique Berry, Watkins Abbit, Craig Ennis, Todd Jack, Sherman Witcher, Bill Grogan, John Parmele, Aaron Tweedie, and even Joe Shriner, who is an Ohio Politician seeking the Green Party nomination for President.

All of the above individuals are listed as candidates on the Independent Greens of Virginia website, but many are listed as “endorsed”, not actual members of the Independent Greens of Virginia. All of the comments from the above “candidates” came from one person, at one IP address, with the email address novagreen@prodigy.net.

Impersonating a political candidate for office is a serious offense, and we have blocked the offending IP addresses from posting here. We will be cooperating with any legal action any of these candidates choose to take in response to this frankly embarrassing revelation about the Independent Greens of Virginia.

Ronald Hardy


  1. Many thanks to Green Party Watch for following up with all this.

    Sometimes blogging and reporting seems like an easy thing. Though, there are many responsibilities to leading a public discourse.

    Glad that Green Party Watch is taking their duty seriously. And, following up when people try to abuse their site and comment sections.

    This whole story is serious. Politics is serious stuff. That is why I have been challenging various claims by the Independent Greens of Viriginia. As myself and others try to note, it is not good enough to just wish that everyone should be nice to everyone who says they are green. We have to realize that when we are successful, folks with alternative or bad agendas will try to co-opt our name and/or our work.

    We honor our mission and our work by being careful.

    Thanks, again, to GPW.

    Kimberly Wilder

  2. Kimberly,

    Do you think we should post this at IPR also? Some of those same names have popped up as commenters at IPR, and if I read this correctly there may be legal action pending?

  3. I would also like to point out that Josh Ruebner’s name is on the Independent Greens website as an endorsed candidate, even though he turned down their endorsement. Josh is running as a Green, not an independent or an Independent Green for House of Delegates in the 47th District.

    The Indy Greens’ misrepresentation can easily be found in this thread:


    Note that “Sherman Witcher”, “Will Smith”, and “Shirley Harvey” all make the same mistake! The Indy Green website is http://www.votejoinrun.us, but they all link to http://www.votejoinrun.org

  4. I’ve been pretty much unable to post over the last six and a half weeks after rotator cuff surgery. Even now my shoulder hurts a lot so I’ll be limited in what I can do.

    I did, however, want to say that I agree with Ron’s decision to ban the IGVA from posting comments here. When their comments were pretty much “Hey, love what you guys are doing. We need to run everyone for office.” I was irritated by the input, but it was inoffensive enough that ignoring it was OK by me.

    However, to represent yourself as an actual candidate by name, and post comments on a political blog that might be read by a potential donor or voter goes over the line.

    In my opinion, Ron has done a superior job of running GPW, and I am looking forward to doing my part more effectively now that I am more recovered.

  5. Looks like they are trying to enlist some more people:
    Just had the following email exchange…


    This isn’t about Michael. It’s about YOU, and other Green Party candidates.

    Bloomberg just cut a video to advocate the end of don’t ask, don’t tell.

    Check out that Green Roofs agenda. As an expert that you are, would that work in Nevada?

    We appreciate your courage.


    From: David Curtis
    Sent: Mon, October 11, 2010 8:05:29 PM
    Subject: Re: Bloomberg/Green Press Conference

    Hi Carey, thanks for the call. Give me a day or two to read up on Michael.
    Thanks for the invite to speak with your group.

    Best regards, David Curtis
    —– Original Message —–
    To: davidscurtis@earthlink.net
    Sent: Monday, October 11, 2010 4:37 PM
    Subject: Bloomberg/Green Press Conference

    Dear David,

    Thank you for running as Green Party candidate.

    Laura Wells, (G) for Gov in California, Jesse Johnson (G) for U.S. Senate West Virginia Jerry Josclyn (G) U.S. Senate Arizona, and many other Green Party candidates will join our press conference. Hope you do too.

    We’ve invited both Rich Whitney and LeAlan Jones and more..

    I’m Carey Campbell, National Chairman of the Committee to Draft Michael
    Bloomberg. The committee is not attempting to draft Bloomberg for president now, but enlist him in the effort to make Independents and Green Party America’s third major party.
    My party the Independent Green Party of Virginia, is an affiliate of
    Bloomberg’s New York Independence Party.

    We invite you to participate.

    Draft Bloomberg Press conference Thursday Oct 14 at the National Press Club, The
    Bloomberg Room Washington D.C. 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

    The purpose is to introduce Green Party candidates across the nation, who would
    welcome a Bloomberg endorsement of their campaigns. Get the media to report on
    Green Party candidates. Urge Bloomberg, with Independents and Green Party to create America’s third major party.

    About 15 Independent Green Party and Green Party candidates will be in the
    room. You are welcome to join us.

    Most Green Party candidates, about 40, will join us by speaker phone. We’ll
    have your campaign web page up on the computer for the video cameras.

    If you can join us by phone – we’ll call you – sometime after 1:30 pm Eastern
    Standard Time.

    We ask that you talk about your campaign’s positive solutions for 2 or 3

    Perhaps mention support for Bloomberg’s Green Roof’s initiative launched this

    and Bloomberg’s pro – rail Building America’s Future foundation http://bafuture.org/.

    Thank you for running as a Green Party candidate.

    If there are other Green Party candidates who would like to take part, please just have them email or call me. They would be a welcome addition.

    Carey Campbell

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