Greens Vs Democrats Vs Republicans

Greens have been around long enough to include us in the spectrum of political ideas. All too often Greens are lumped into the “left” end of the spectrum. It’s time to evaluate Green perspectives from our base up. To do that we have to address matters such as voter support and electoral strategies and find ways to implement our Platform.

It is worthwhile to review the current administration’s policies with the previous administration’s and ask: “What’s new about this or that?” We also can ask why are we not making the structural changes that are really needed for ecological democracy or adaptive governance. We don’t need to gloss over differences to include them in the decision-making processes and yet, that is what we continue to do. Rather then using a model that proposes central government versus state governments, I would suggest a model that presents autonomous regions (or governing entities) with defined authorities integrated into both state and Federal governments.

My particular point on this matter is for Greens to begin to challenge the bi-polar debate patterns of the duopoly by opening up with our own presentation of governing in the US in the 21st Century. The Green vision needs to be concretized so that Green candidates can deliver victories that benefit supporters, provide structural reforms and address critical energy and resource matters without simply riding the coattails of the Democratic left or pandering to the corporate interests of the Republicans. See this link.

One example is on the horizon in regards to the reauthorization of the Clean Water Act. The bill appears to be presenting the alternatives of an expanded federal authorization for the control of waters and streams without establishing mechanisms for regional decision-making. What is a real Green position in regards to this? How can we accomplish viable alternatives under new political structures? How do we begin to have a conversation and work with Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and Independents in the context of reforms that democratize the political processes? What is bioregionalism and what makes it a distinctly Green perspective.

This article is from The Ecologist.

Mato Ska


  1. Great post Mato. Here are a couple of observations from an American living the green life downunder:
    Remember that the two old grey parties set the frame of the debate, try as you might. Until you pierce the frame, you’re talking to almost nobody.

    That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pitch the Green paradigm, just that your message needs to be sharp, designed to pierce the paradigm and able to be repeated ad nauseam until the perspective breaks through and becomes commonplace, no matter what the specific national or regional issue of the day happens to be.

    We need to walk before we can run, and as George Lakeoff repeatedly tells us, we’re spending too much time trying to educate our listeners in nuanced issues instead of stimulating their nurturing tendencies.

  2. Rick,

    Thanks so much for your response. Having worked in a regional water planning process in NM, I reshaped many of my political views as a result of the lessons learned about the community in which I lived. Our opportunities to grow depends on our willingness to demonstrate the viability of a Green vision for the future. It was interesting to hear during the water planning process, that city administrators were attempting to dismiss it as a Green dominated process. The reality was that aside from myself and an elected Mayordomo of an acequia, most Greens who were engaged in the ten year process were few and far between.
    We have to make our committment to our communities real and listen to the valuable input that is out there.
    Also, our committments on issues work should be evaluated strategically so that our resources can be focused and our impact maximized. I have found that a visible Green presence is beneficial to our ability to clarify our vision and bring forward new candidates and increase registration and support among voters.

  3. As someone who considers himself a “Green centrist” I would like you to expand a little in regards to your post.

  4. do u guys think that the green party should be added to presidential debates and have equal press times?

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