Green Party To Form In India

Good news! A Green Party is forming in India very soon. I was wondering when a country of 2 billion would finally get a Green Party! Environmental champion Subhas Dutta will be visiting the Green Party in England to exchange ideas with Leader Caroline Lucas. Here’s hoping Vandana Shiva joins the Greens (I’m a big fan)!

Datta is flying to London on September 12 for talks with Caroline Lucas, a leader of the UK Green Party and member of the European Parliament.

“I will learn about the Green Party’s constitution, policies, framework and success. I would also like to interact with members of Germany’s Green Party as it is the first among green parties worldwide to achieve national prominence by being part of the ruling Social Democratic Party coalition from 1998 to 2005. Our party will be launched next year and we will fight the 2011 Assembly elections in West Bengal,” Datta told TOI on Wednesday.

Times of India

Asked about how his party would be funded, Mr Dutta said he was hopeful that millions of Indians would donate for the Green Party “because they have become more and more environment conscious”.

He is, however, not very keen on donations from the corporate sector.

“We would prefer the corporates in private and public sector to take up some causes like Calcutta’s river front cleanup and development rather than give our party direct donations.”



I'm a member of the Illinois Green Party.


  1. You wrote, -Subhas Dutta will be visiting the Green Party in England to see if the Indian Green Party can learn some things.-

    I know you were just writing cheery content. But, based on history (and also how sensitive people are when they start something new) you may want to say it differently than one country will “learn some things” from the other.


  2. Holy crap, I am totally thick. I guess

    Damn, I should know too because I’m a history major. How could I not see how imperialistic and racist that may sound.

    Geez lawheez am I embarrassed. Thanks Kimberly. I’ll change it.

  3. After reading the Wikipedia report on Vandana Shiva, I can see why you’re a big fan, and why you hope she’ll join the Greens in India. I especially liked that she’s a literal tree hugger!

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