Rocky Neptun calls for a “radical, populist movement”

Peter Orvetti reports at Independent Political Report that Rocky Neptun has issued an “Open Challenge to San Diego Green Party Members” at Indy Bay

While we squabble like spoiled brats and all too often are plagued by mouse warrior type “leaders” who talk to hear their heads rattle; the Green Party, for me, is all that is whole and decent in a corrupt political system that is owned by powerful corporate interests. The Democratic Party hierarchy will, time and again, as agents of privilege, squash true economic or political change in this country.

You or I can’t fundamentally change a damn thing in this nation. Not even Obama, with all his good intentions can do anything but tinker around the edges, reduced to smoke and mirrors, the illusion of change. The hardware of our political system is not built to accept the software of fundamental change. Liberal Democrats, in classic Clinton reflux, will be forced to accept Obama’s campaign betrayals, sacrifice their poor and working-class sisters and brothers to death and sickness, their children to an even bleaker future and this nation toward a corporate-owned totalitarianism.

Neptun concludes with this:

The Quakers have kept the peace testimony alive for over four Centuries, many have died or went to prison, because peace was their key value. The many who have sacrificed and perished to keep the value of freedom alive in Latin America are our latter-day saints.

We, as Greens, have our 10 key Values……..What are they worth?

The full manifesto is well worth a read, and I hope it gets some real comments from our readers and writers here.

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  1. Like Greens in general Neptun hits the nail on the head. Unfortunately our fellow americans don’t want to hear it.

  2. A very interesting article, deep on many levels.

    I like this line:

    “We need to finally shed our “spoiler” jacket and come out fighting.”

    And the follow up:

    “We need to help our liberal friends in the Democratic Party understand that their party will never adopt “change,” no matter who is President. The government option in health care appears ended, instead of reducing the 700 plus U.S. military bases in the world we are expanding them and this administration appears to be back-tracking on human rights abuses by Mexico’s military and it’s illegitimate President Calderon.”

  3. I think the California Greens are poised for a great 2010, if they take the initiative. I don’t know why Rocky writes “we can’t win” when Greens hold dozens of elected offices in CA. From what I hear, voters are deeply dissatisfied with both establishment parties in CA. A great time for the Greens to run strong statewide campaigns and as many local races as possible – hundreds of them.

    The Greens should also band together with other CA third parties and independents to:
    -demand a constitutional convention
    -defeat the top-two primary
    -champion instant runoff voting
    -push proportional representation

  4. Gracias, Rocky, gracias! Your words of wisdom have inspired me on how we can “attain praxis–theory and action” here in Arizona. Hasta luego.

    Angel Torres, Arizona Green Party (AZGP) state co-chair

  5. Dave: You are absolutely correct about California, particulary in the north. My article was addressed to San Diego Greens and, quite honestly, I never expected it to appear on so many websites and chat areas.
    In the entire political history of San Diego their have been only 6 Greens elected; 2 to water boards and 4 of us to planning committees (I was elected to the San Diego mid-city planning board). By the way, since its founding over a hundred years ago, San Diego has only elected one Democrat mayor.
    My not winning statement was directed here locally,not in despair or hopelessness, but to suggest that with that handicap we should try harder.
    As Director of the San Diego Renters Union, a working-class organization, there are many struggling families who feel that Greens are more concerned about turtles and Greenhouse gases than their economic enslavement by corporate America or the bleak future of their children at McDonalds or Sing-Sing Prison.
    Until we can find the courage and words to move our party into the barrios and hoods; to truly, passionately, fight for economic justice as much as we struggle for environmental sustainability: I don’t think we can grow as a political movement.

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