Florida Greens closer to getting their day in court

In a report at Ballot Access News, Richard Winger reports that a new date, September 23, has been set for depositions to be taken in the case of the “mystery Greens”. Five people unknown to any Florida Green Party members filed to run for office in races where the Republican and Democratic Parties were both fielding candidates, paying a substantial filing fee to do so.

After they filed to run several people, including this writer, attempted to reach them to find out what their plans were. Contact was minimal and as far as can be determined no actual campaigning happened. The state chair filed suit to find out where the money to pay the filing fees came from. According to brief discussions with Floridians attending the national convention, the depositions have been delayed as lawyers representing the “mystery Greens” dropped the case and new attorneys had to be found.

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  1. We had a similar situation here in Arizona last year (2008). Two “mystery” Greens decided to run for Arizona State Legislature. The Arizona Green Party (AZGP) actively opposed both their campaigns. Both “mystery” Green candidates’ campaign messages were 180 degrees opposite of our Green Party platform (anti-immigrant, anti-choice, heterosexist/homophobic). The woman “mystery Green” candidate was/is a Republican who ran to siphon votes away from the Democratic incumbent (who was defeated). She refused to meet with the AZGP leadership and temporarily used our state party logo on her website without our permisssion. A local, sympathetic journalist helped AZGP to expose both “mystery Green” candidates for the frauds they are. Vigilance, mis amigos, vigilance! Hasta luego.

    Angel Torres, AZGP state co-chair

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