Reverend Billy Talen: Subway tour and Bajao benefit concert

There is never a shortage of exciting news about Reverend Billy Talen’s Green Party campaign for mayor of New York City – especially since campaign volunteers submitted 2.5x the signatures they needed to get Billy on the ballot. Nevertheless, 2 events on Friday August 28th seem to merit special attention.

Subway whistlestop tour: 2 Train for 2 Terms!

Join Reverend Billy and the team as we sing, preach, smile and talk with New Yorkers on the subway about this campaign for Mayor. Democracy is when we talk to to each other in public, amen? This week: we’re riding the 2 Train, talking about how Mike Bloomberg and the City Council should’ve stuck with 2 terms, as decided (twice) by NYC voters at the ballot box!

BAJAO out the vote for a new NYC mayor!

Reverend Billy will be giving Midnight Mass at Club Exit’s Bajao-themed Brooklyn Summer Stomp (Bajao, from the Hindi word meaning To Play/Play Hard/Playing like never before /in a Playful Spirit)! Reverend Billy needs no introduction to New Yorkers – but did you know he’s running for Mayor? BAJAO out the vote with us and get registered! His volunteers will be with us all night to get you on the rolls.

Also, check out Billy Talen’s latest blog, a spot-on indictment of Bloomberg’s power grab entitled “It’s our Democracy, Stupid!”

Dave Schwab

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