2009 Candidates And GPW Joins Facebook

2009 Green Party Candidates

Close to 150 Greens are running in races around the nation in 2009. In the upper right corner of this site we now have a page listing these candidates and the offices they are running for. You can also click here to go there. We will start a 2010 candidates page shortly. If you notice any omissions please let us know.

Note that most of this information came from the GPUS searchable database of candidates, which one should appreciate if you like databases and candidate histories.


Green Party Watch is building a presence on Facebook! We now have a “Fan Page” and hey, we want you to be a Fan! Please check us out there as well as here, you can comment on stories there as well as here, and we will be developing the discussion boards there as well. Become a Fan of GPW and get our posts in your Facebook Newsfeed. We gladly welcome any input into our Facebook endeavor.

…and speaking of Facebook…

Here are two “official” Green Party Facebook Groups and Pages (of the many out there):

Green Party (US) – This is the Page that gp.org links to, as close to “official” as you are going to get in the US of A. Join the 4,608 other fans of the Green Party!

The UK Green Party is set up as a “group” not a “fan page”, and has 5,035 members. Many of the state and local Green Party facebooks are “groups”  not “fan pages”, but note that Green Party Watch is set up as a “fan page”. I guess it is all in what you want to do with it.

Facebook can be a potentially useful organizing tool locally if one uses it right and remembers that it is at its core a profit driven web presence to be wielded carefully and without expectation of permanence.

Ronald Hardy

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