Portland, Maine Green Anthony Zeli launches School Board race

Anthony Zeli is running for school board in Portland, Maine. According to a post by Anna Trevorrow at Facebook, he has turned in the required signatures and a campaign kick-off party is planned for September 5th. Full details are behind the fold.

Dear Friends,

The signatures have been verified and we are officially on the ballot! Now, it is time to celebrate the beginning of the Anthony Zeli for District 2 School Committee Campaign!

A kickoff party will be held Saturday, September 5th beginning at 7:00 p.m. at Anthony Zeli and Anna Trevorrow’s place: 612 Congress St. # 3. All are welcome! Share an evening of good company, beverages and refreshments with a dynamic candidate in Portland’s most exciting municipal race this year!

Anthony’s areas of policy interest include:

Promoting equal access to education in order to increase student retention and ensure a positive future for Portland’s youth.

Developing green school facilities, which would reduce long-term costs and ensure an environmentally healthy atmosphere.

Supporting innovative curriculum design such as project-based and experiential learning to engage students in their own learning, and meet the demands of a 21st Century education.

Accelerating our schools as neighborhood resource centers to promote a sense of community and create safe havens for students and neighbors alike.

Come join us to kick of the People for Anthony Zeli Campaign!

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  1. We here at Third Party Revolution endorse Anthony Zeli in his campaign for Portland, Oregon District 2 School Committee, along with many other third party and independent candidates seeking public offices nation-wide, ranging from local to federal levels.

  2. Tony is one of 4 Greens running for Portland’s municipal elections in November. Also running:
    City Council: Kevin Donoghue relection District 1, Dave Marshall reelection District 2 (no opponent)
    Oliver Outerbridge: Water District trustee
    Tony Zeli: School committee district 2

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