Are You on the List? CNN Features CT Green Krayeske

This CNN Video report titled “Are you on the list?” features the arrest of Ken Krayeske and his legal challenge. He was allegedly arrested for attempting to organize a protest and for taking pictures of the Governor. He is described in the video as a former “Green Party Campaign Director”.

“If we’re interested in someone because they are an advocate for a Green Party candidate, and we think they are suspicious because they want to get other people to protest someone’s ideas, but not because we think there is a true threat to their lives, I think that’s just… troubling.”

Think about it – are you on the list?

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Lynne Serpe writes instant runoff voting editorial for NY Daily News

Lynne Serpe, the Green Party candidate for New York City Council in District 22 (Astoria), responded to the recent primary runoff elections in NYC with an editorial in the New York Daily News championing instant runoff voting:

Holding two elections is expensive. It’s inconvenient. Voters get burned out and confused.

What’s the solution? A simple reform called instant runoff voting. Instant runoff guarantees majority winners in a single election by allowing voters to rank the candidates in their order of preference (1,2,3) on the very first ballot, rather than making them return to the polls two weeks later. (See the full article)


John Gray Responds To Blanche Lincoln On Health Care Reform

This afternoon, there were two attempts in the Senate Finance Committee to repair some of the damage done to health care reform by Chairman Max Baucus, a Democrat who has received a great deal of campaign finance from executives in the medical industry, and has accordingly crafted health care legislation designed in order to protect insurance companies. Two amendments attempted to reinsert a public option of government-established health care coverage, but both amendments were defeated by a coalition of Republicans and pro-industry Democrats.

Blanche Lincoln, senator from Arkansas, was among those Democrats who joined the Republicans to defeat meaningful health care reform. She voted against both amendments.

Physicist John Gray, one of Senator Lincoln’s constituents, says that he’s come to expect this kind of anti-progressive behavior from her. “I’m not at all surprised. She has a rather large campaign chest, almost half of which is from the medical industries,” Gray said this afternoon, responding to Lincoln’s votes against the public option. “The fact that she is loyal to her sponsors is not at all surprising.”

Unlike many Arkansas voters, who have learned to accept that they have little choice between the right wing Arkansas Republicans and the right wing Arkansas Democrats, Gray is taking action to ensure that, when Blanche Lincoln runs for re-election in 2010, voters will have the chance to vote for something different. Gray is running for the nomination of the Green Party of Arkansas to challenge Lincoln for her seat in Congress.

Gray says that he favors strong single payer health care reform, which would eliminate the waste that is inherent to the delivery of health care through insurance brokers. “Eliminate the health care insurance industry… and you would save enough money to cover every man woman and child in the United States,” Gray points out. “Nobody blinks an eyelash if we lay off 40,000 autoworkers, who actually produce something. These health insurance brokers, it’s hard to say what they produce.”

Look to hear more from Gray soon. His campaign web site is expected to be online within the week.


Matt Reichel Money Bomb Tomorrow (9/30)

Matt ReichelTomorrow is the last day of the 3rd Quarter FEC Reporting Period and the date set for the Matt Reichel for Congress Money Bomb. From the Facebook page:

On the last day of the 3rd quarter FEC reporting period, the Matt Reichel for Congress campaign is asking supporters to pledge a gift of $50. Our primary goal is to “exist” in the eyes of the FEC, which requires a minimum of $5,000 in the bank. If 100 people pledge a $50 gift, we will reach that goal of $5,000. Our secondary goal is to substantially beat that total, and to enter uncharted territory. If we can get 400 people to pledge a gift of $50 on 9/30/09, we will raise $20,000, and in ONE DAY become the most lucrative Green Party congressional campaign in Illinois history. Let’s make history!!

Contributions can be made through our website, www.mattreichel.us. Signing up to this event counts as making the pledge. Please invite friends, spread the word, and let’s reach the goal of 400 by the end of September!

So if you have fifty bucks in the bank tomorrow (or any amount really) please consider helping the Reichel campaign make a big splash in fund raising!


Green for Greens: Deborah Shafto, Don Cook, and Alfred Molison for Houston City Council

In Texas’ largest city, three Greens are making a team effort to get elected to Houston City Council. Deborah Shafto, Don Cook, and Alfred Molison are running as “The Progressive Coalition”, with a platform focused on public transportation, recycling, living wage, issue advocacy, policing, and public safety. They hope to guide Houston to a less car-centered future, introduce neighborhood programs like farmers’ markets and community gardens, implement a plan to reduce landfill waste by 90% by 2040, enact a citywide living wage, move to a medically-focused (rather than criminally-focused) drug policy, and convince the city council to voice support for the single-payer bill HR 676.

Deborah Shafto, Don Cook, and Alfred MolisonTexas, the second most populous state after California, has been hard for the Green Party to get a foothold in. Texas Greens briefly gained ballot status in 2000, but lost it and haven’t managed to get back on the statewide ballot since then. However, Green locals in Texas have remained active, and Kat Swift of San Antonio ran for the Green presidential nomination in 2008. Support for candidates like Deborah Shafto, Don Cook and Alfred Molison will strengthen Green locals in Texas, helping the Texas Greens build the organizational capacity to take on challenges like getting back on the ballot and promoting a clean energy future in the heart of America’s oil industry.

As part of their team effort, Shafto, Cook and Molison are sharing all funds they raise equally. You can help this trailblazing Green campaign to succeed, and promote Green growth in Texas, by donating to Deborah Shafto, Don Cook, and Alfred Molison today at their website progressivecoalitionhouston.com.

If you prefer to donate by mail, write a check payable to “Progressive Coalition” and send to:

Progressive Coalition
c/o Mary Cook
7954 Glenheath St.
Houston TX 77061

Please include a completed contribution form so that we can fulfill our disclosure reporting requirements.


Greens Hold at 9% in Austrian Provincial Election

I just read that there was also a local election in the Upper Austria province held today. The Greens got 9.2% of the vote, a .2% increase from the last election.

Yesterday’s Upper Austrian provincial election saw disastrous losses for the Social Democrats (SPÖ) leaving them with their worst ever result in the province.

Final results saw the SPÖ gaining only 25.2 per cent of the vote which equals a 13.1 per cent loss and translates into 14 mandates.

The conservative People’s Party ÖVP gained an almost absolute majority securing 46.5 per cent, increasing their share of the vote by 3 per cent on the last election. This will give them a total of 28 seats in the provincial parliament – exactly half.

Right-wing Freedom Party FPÖ emerged the big winner having almost doubled its share since the last election in 2003, gaining 15.3 per cent of the vote. This increase of 6.9 per cent translates into 9 seats.
The Green Party maintained their share of 9.2 per cent of the votes, up just 0.2 giving them 5 seats in parliament.

Source: Austrian Times


Germany Election Results, Exit Polls Show Merkel and her Free Democratic Allies Win

Election results from Germany are trickling in and exit polls are showing Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats on track with 33.5% and the Free Democrats at 14.5%. That doesn’t equal 50% I know, but all the stories I’ve read said that due to quirks in seat allocatement, they will have enough to form government.

The Social Democrats are performing dismally at 23.5%. It looks like a rear guard action at this point for them. The Greens have 10% and the Left is at 13%.

Turnout is reported to be very low compared to the last federal election held in 2005.

Source: Reuters, The Local, Wall Street Journal, Spiegel Online

Stay tuned for more election results from Germany and Portugal as they develop.


German, Portugal Federal Elections To Be Held Tomorrow

German elections for the Bundestag, the national parliament, will take place tomorrow.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union and her allies are expected to cruise to victory after a campaign that has been described as boring. Polling has put the Social Democrats a far second.

The real question will be what coalition government will form after the dust settles. The classical liberal Free Democratic Party has been polling well from 12-15% and that could give CDU-FDP the 50% needed to form a government. Others speculate if this CDU-FDP combo doesn’t reach 50%, we may see another CDU-Social Democratic government. The FDP must be pleased to see its numbers this high, but I wonder why more people are willing to support the free market party when it was the unregulated banks and companies that put us in this mess in the first place. In times of recession people usually look to social welfare and social safety nets to assuage their fears.

While the Social Democrats have been sputtering as of late, the stridently socialist Die Linke or the Left Party has seen its polling numbers improve. It’s party members must be very confident going into tomorrow. The Left is still fresh from its victories in regional elections in Saarland and Thuringia. Both the Christian Democrats and Social Democrats have refused to form a government with the Left.

Now for the Greens….

I have a feeling that they will be back in opposition after its all said and done. Let’s look at the Greens’ potential coalition partners. The Greens have been polling around 10-13%

Social Democrat-Greens: The Social Democrats are an ailing party and the Social Dems will not pull a high enough vote to reach 50%.

Social Democrat-Greens-The Left: The Social Dems have already ruled out working with the Left on the federal level.

Social Democrat-Greens-Free Democrats: The FDP and Greens have already declared that they won’t be working with each other…but such declarations can be easily forgotten…

Christian Democrats-Greens: Don’t laugh. At the local and regional level, the Greens and Christian Democrats have shown a willingness to work with each other. There are Christian Democrat-Green governments in Hamburg and Frankfort. It seems like more conservative, rich people are voting Green…Check out this article about that. But the prospect of a Black-Green government forming at the federal level seems doubtful because of ideological issues, particularly the issue on nuclear phase-out. The CDU wants to halt the phase-out and the Greens want to stay on track with the phase out. Which I might add was a provision from the old Social Dem-Green government days. But again, who knows. The entrance of the Left party onto the political scene has totally changed the dynamic of coalition building. These nice models of Social Dem-Green and CDU-FDP governments are pretty over.

Here are the latest polling numbers from Angus Reid which put the Greens at 11%.


Portugal’s federal elections are tomorrow. I don’t know much about the Greens in Portugal except that they work with the Communists there. Together, they are polling around 7.2%

Stay tuned to Green Party Watch tomorrow for election results.


Deb Leticia Gordils Running for Lt. Governor as a Republican

This last spring, Deb Leticia Gordils was one of five candidates seeking the Illinois Green Party nomination to run in the special election for Rahm Emanuel’s seat. She was beat out by Matt Reichel, who is now running again for that seat next fall.

As for Deb Gordils, she is now seeking the Republican Party’s nomination for Lt. Governor of Illinois:

I talked to Greens and others about my choice before I decided this was a good choice for me at this time. I still support a third party choice available to the Citizens of Illinois and this great country and hope there are Greens winning races in 2010. I think people realize I’m loyal only to the people of Illinois and making the best decisions towards this goal. I am pro- life and support the 2nd amendment right to bear arms and pro the U.S Constitution. I feel I am where I belong. I think my respect for all the people of Illinois and as a humanitarian I can be a voice for the voiceless if elected. It is also my belief that the Republican party will overwhelmingly sweep the 2010 elections.

I took a liking to Gordils and wish her luck. I think this is probably a better fit for her. Click here to read an interview with Deb Leticia Gordils last spring here on Green Party Watch.


JD Hebert advances to general election in Pittsfield City Council race

In Pittsfield, MA, Green-Rainbow Party member JD Hebert has finished in the top 2 of 4 candidates for the Ward 7 City Council seat and will advance to the general election on November 3rd.

Hebert works as director of transportation, housing, shelter and facilities for Berkshire Community Action Council, an anti-poverty organization in Western Massachusetts.

In an interview with iBerkshires.com, Hebert emphasized transparency in government: Continue Reading