Green candidate ousted from Rochester mayor race, leaving incumbent unopposed

Your News Now Rochester has reported that Rochester business owner Alex White, who had filed over 1500 signatures to run for mayor on the Green Party line, was thrown off the ballot after the Democratic Party challenged his signatures and convinced the Board of Elections to reject over 400 signatures. With White off the ballot, the incumbent Democratic mayor Bob Duffy will be unopposed for reelection.

The Green Party of Monroe County replied to the Democratic petition challenge with a post entitled “Call Democrats and demand your democracy back”.

Transpartisan ballot access crusaders Free And Equal mentioned the undemocratic behavior of the Rochester Democrats in a press release entitled “Democrats, Republicans attempt to limit voter choice in New York State”. [sorry, as a registered NY voter, can’t resist an editorial comment: WHAT A SHOCK!]

Dave Schwab


  1. I tried running for Congress as a Green and got booted from the ballot after a Democratic challenge. My state Green Party responded similarly, but that didn’t help anybody.

    The Green Party needs to quit whining about the lack of “democracy” and start doing what it needs to do to win. Voters generally don’t understand the biases in election law and therefore don’t care.

    Do what it takes to get on the ballot, or don’t run. I already learned the hard way.

  2. Well, I agree that Greens should be realistic about what it takes to get on the ballot, and always gather well more than the required number of signatures.

    But I don’t think that no one cares about this. People know what’s fair, and what stinks. Kicking the only challenger to the mayor off the ballot on a technicality reeks of whatever the opposite of democracy is. Sooner or later the Democrats’ hypocrisy is going to catch up to them.

    We’re trying to help Green candidates win, but we can also shine a light on how difficult Democrats and Republicans are making it for citizens to participate in democracy.

    Would you consider running again anytime soon, Anon?

  3. Thankfully in Michigan minor parties are allowed to nominate candidates for most things (I know at least state offices). Our county Green Party caucuses can nominate candidates for any office in the county. For the Michigan Senate, what I’m running for, I have to be nominated at the State Convention next year.

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