Jeremy Cloward Moves Forward In California Congressional Race

Election results were delayed tonight as firefighters from the 10th congressional district who have joined the battle against the raging wildfires around Los Angeles were given the chance to cast their ballots beyond the ordinary close of polls. However, with over half of the district’s precincts now reporting, it has become clear that no candidate will gain a majority of the votes in the election.

The top Democrat out of five Democratic contenders, John Garamendi, currently has just 26.62 percent of the vote. The top Republican out of five Republican contenders, David Harmer, currently has only 20.31 percent of the vote. It would require an astounding bias in the reporting of results for either candidate to pass the 50 percent mark.

This means that John Garamendi and David Harmer will continue as their parties’ nominees, with their eight rivals out of the race. Green Party candidate Jeremy Cloward, plus a candidate for the American Independent Party and another candidate for the Peace and Freedom Party, will also continue all the way to Election Day, November 3.

With a much less crowded field, Cloward will have the opportunity to take his message to more voters, especially given the Democrats’ choice of Garamendi. Garamendi has become unpopular among many progressives because of his position in support of a court ruling upholding Proposition 8, which outlaws marriage equality for same sex couples.

Jonathan Cook


  1. 100 percent of precincts are reporting. Jeremy Cloward got more votes than Adriel Hampton, a Democrat, Mark Loos, a Republican, Mary McIlroy of the Peace and Freedom Party and Jerry Dunham of the American Independent Party.

  2. Great news! I’ve seen a decent amount of advertising from Adriel Hampton at sites frequented by progressives. If Jeremy outpolled her, he must be doing some good work in the field.
    Remember, this is a deep blue, Northern California district – if Greens across the country pitch in a little bit to help Cloward, he could make it a 3-way race.

  3. I just saw the twitter account for the campaign of Adriel Hampton, the “progressive” Democrats’ darling (Congress or Bust/CA_10). After saying little more than “Win Adriel!” yesterday, it’s now “promoting the campaign of John Garamendi” and saying “Democrats unite and fight!”

    Thus illustrating that the function, if not intent, of “progressive” Democrat groups is to herd liberal voters into supporting the center-right Democratic Party. In a district that votes 66% Democratic, the “progressive” Democrat is urging her small bloc of voters to back an anti-gay Democrat. To what end? To ensure that Garamendi wins a comfortable enough majority that he won’t have to even reconsider his reactionary positions?

    What a slap in the face for Anthony Woods, the gay African-American Iraq veteran who was also running in the Democratic primary. Perhaps Cloward should approach Woods for an endorsement – proposition H8 must be defeated.

    Jeremy should put marriage equality front and center in his campaign from now until November.

  4. Unsurprising. The purpose of “Progressive Democrats” is to keep progressives boxed in to a center-right party that consistently fails to represent them.

    The Democratic Party is where progressive activism goes to die.

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