Green for Greens: Jeremy Cloward, US House CA-10

Today Green Party Watch is debuting a new feature called “Green for Greens.” Each Green for Greens article will feature a Green candidate, and ask you to donate to their campaign. Winning Green campaigns have shown that Greens can be competitive with 1/10th of what establishment parties spend – but they usually don’t have even that. By marshalling small online donations from around the country, we can help Green candidates take their message to the voters and win.

Jeremy Cloward is the Green Party of California’s candidate for US House of Representatives in a special election in CA’s 10th district to the Northeast of San Francisco Bay. He will advance to the November 3rd general election after no candidate in a crowded field got more than 50% of the vote in the 9/1/09 primary. Cloward received the most votes out of any non-Democrat/Republican, putting him at third out of the remaining five candidates in the race.

Please donate $10, $20, or whatever you can afford to help Jeremy Cloward bring his Green message to the people of California.

Jeremy Cloward with family

Jeremy Cloward is a professor of political science at Diablo Valley College. His stated purpose for running is “to help bring into existence the ideas that I think will help us create a more just and equal society.” His ideas include single payer universal health care, free universal higher education, free daycare, reducing military spending by 6/7ths, nationalizing US banks that received bailout money, a living wage of $20 an hour, reparations for slavery, investment in alternative energy, and more. Michael Parenti, award-winning author of “Democracy for the Few”, has endorsed Jeremy Cloward’s campaign.

Since 2002, California’s 10th district has voted 65% to 76% Democratic in congressional elections. If Jeremy Cloward is able to attract significant support from progressive voters dissatisfied with the Democratic and Republican candidates, he could make this a 3-way race. With a large Democratic majority in Congress failing to even discuss single-payer health care and other needed reforms, progressives have nothing to lose and much to gain by voting their values in this race.

In an interview with Irregular Times, Jeremy explained his decision to run as a Green:

My objective of running with the Green Party, is that it has been the one third party that has given a legitimate chance of being attractive to the voters and actually getting people elected. In terms of strategy, what I think the Green Party needs… it needs people who are serious enough, and I think this is important, to wear jackets and ties when they meet people publicly. By doing that, by looking serious, I think there’s a better chance of people taking the Green Party seriously. The Green Party has good ideas and a good political philosophy. Who knows the numbers, but 80 percent, 90 percent of the population, would support it, but I think a lot of times, people see representatives of the Green Party, and they don’t see themselves as being in there.

You don’t have to be wearing a suit and tie to appreciate the hard work that Jeremy is putting in to promote Green values. Please give a bit of your green to Jeremy’s campaign, and help build a sorely-needed alternative to California’s political establishment.

Dave Schwab


  1. Can you include capaign committee names and mailing adresses. I for one prefer to send checks instead of using credit or debit on the internet.

  2. Hey Richard,

    I have sent an email to the campaign’s press contact asking for a physical address. Once it comes in I will post it here.


  3. This is what we have in the Elections db:

    Make your check out to:

    “Jeremy Cloward for Congress”

    and mail to :

    Jeremy Cloward for Congress
    1713 Mary Drive
    Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

  4. That name is, like, totally different, man.

    *whistles innocently, with hands in pockets and eyes turned to sky*

  5. Here’s the address to send donations to Jeremy Cloward’s campaign:

    Jeremy Cloward for Congress
    1713 Mary Drive
    Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

    for donations of $200 and over, don’t forget to indicate your name, address, and occupation/employer.

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