We was robbed/The Rise of the fabulous 500 neighborhoods

In the below almost four minute video produced for broadcast by WNBC in New York City, Green Party mayoral candidate Rev. Billy Talen explains how the City of New York and it’s people were robbed by Wall Street speculators, how the Wall Street economy crashed when the stock market went into a nose dive, and how what he calls the “fabulous 500 neighborhoods” represent the sort of real economy that will sustain New York while saving the air New Yorkers breath, the homes they live in, the shops they own and shop at, and the very sense of community that makes a city an organic entity rather than an “economic machine”.

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  1. Rev Billy is awesome. I wish I could afford to live in New York so I could vote for him.

  2. Gee whoever makes decisions for the National GP
    Web site must be real square. Rev. Billy isn’t getting any exposure there. His innovative approach must threaten their morose political style.

  3. I would love to see Rev. Billy more prominently promoted at the national party site, but I don’t know that I would ascribe it to them feeling threatened. Indeed, the following is taken from the most recent GP press release, and the first one listed at the site.

    Performance artist and anti-corporate activist Reverend Billy Talen is running for Mayor of New York City as a member of the Green Party (http://www.voterevbilly.org). Rev. Talen’s volunteers recently turned in over 18,000 signatures to place him on the ballot. With a steady schedule of colorful events, Rev. Talen has campaigned throughout city neighborhoods. He is the founder of The Church of Life After Shopping and performed recently in a duet with Joan Baez.

    I agree that Billy Talen is 100% right on, and I love his spirit and willingness to bring excitement and enthusiasm to politics.

    I also think that it makes a lot of sense to have others listed at gp.org, as is Evergreen Chou right now. It is possible that candidates are rotated in and out of that spot on some sort of regular rotation, but I don’t know.

  4. BTW Richard, here’s the address to send donations to Jeremy Cloward’s campaign.

    Jeremy Cloward for Congress
    1713 Mary Drive
    Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

  5. “Rev Billy is awesome. I wish I could afford to live in New York so I could vote for him.”

    A lot of people are voting for him because they wish they could afford to stay in New York.

    This is Rev. Billy’s best video yet. We should do everything to pass it around. I think that if every New Yorker got to see this, Billy would win.

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