Caroline Lucas blames Labour for nation’s woes, predicts victory in election

According to this article, Green Party of England and Wales leader Caroline Lucas believes that the Greens are poised to win a seat in Parliament. She is quoted saying that the Labour Party, led by Gordon Brown, is responsible for the nation’s economic and social difficulties.

“The government’s response to the current economic crisis is creating more inequality, not reducing it,” she said.

She also pointed to recent Green Party votes across Europe as proof that the Green Party’s message is resonating with voters across the continent.

“A million people who responded to our policies, our candidates and perhaps, above all, to our values,” she said.

“A million voices calling out for honesty in politics, for tackling the issues that really matter, like climate change and good quality public services.

“A million people who wanted fairness from a party they could trust. What a message for the other parties.”

In an echo of Green Party policy here in the US, where scholarships, even if too few, are made available to low income Greens who want to attend Annual National Meetings, this article reports that the British Greens are using a sliding scale to set costs for their convention.

Meanwhile, at UTV, Lucas is quoted claiming that 300,000 people a year are already dying as a result of global climate change, calling Labour’s failures to effect change a “political crime”.

“In a few years, people will look back bewildered and angry that – knowing what they knew now – none of the other main political parties in Britain confronted the most critical issue of our time. They have pretended that they have the problem under control, that a few low-energy lightbulbs here, a bit of lagging on your loft there, and the problem is solved. And that to do anything more is either unnecessary or involves too much ‘sacrifice’.

“We’ve got news for them: a transition to a post-carbon world doesn’t have to be about sacrifice. It’s about jobs, it’s about a more equal society, and it’s about a way of life with the potential to be far more fulfilling than the turbo-charged consumerism which is peddled by politicians today. And that’s why we say that our government’s inaction is nothing less than a political crime.”

The BBC is reporting that Lucas is calling for an end to plans to expand Heathrow airport, and an end to plans to build more coal fired power plants.

“We demand massive investment in energy efficiency, renewable energies, public transport, green jobs.

“And we demand that when the government signs up to new emissions targets, that they are honest about it, that they undertake domestic cuts here at home, not try to outsource it or offset it in poorer countries.”

Lucas is not, however, the only Green making news. Jean Lambert, a Green Member of the European Parliament since 1999, is preparing a presentation on combating far-right politicians.

“We’ll be looking at how a lack of political activity in a community can allow the far right to win. We’ll be aiming to clarify what Greens can do to limit the advance of the far right in politics at all levels.”

In addition, Green Party disability spokesperson Alan Wheatly will address the Green Party Trade Union Group to talk of his experience and reactions to Labour and Conservative welfare reform machinations. That address will be on Saturday, Sept 5th.

The Guardian carries a report on infighting in the British Green Party, suggesting that a conflict between activists could lead to a loss in an expected victory for the Greens in upcoming elections for Parliament.

In another article, The Guardian covers human rights activist here.

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