Green for Greens: Jeanine Estime, Minneapolis City Council

This is an exciting year for Minneapolis Greens: the city is using instant runoff voting for the first time, and the Minnesota Green Party is running an energetic slate of candidates to join Green stalwarts Cam Gordon and Annie Young in Minneapolis city government. One of those candidates is Jeanine Estime, an education assistant at her daughter’s school in South Minneapolis who is running for City Council in Ward 8. Jeanine’s biography includes volunteer work for an impressive array of community organizations, including the Boys and Girls Club and Clean Water Action.

Jeanine EstimeJeanine Estime is running on a comprehensive platform that includes expanding youth programming to prevent gang violence, creating affordable housing solutions to the foreclosure crisis, investing stimulus money in local renewable energy, reducing the kind of police misconduct that characterized the Republican National Convention, supporting single-payer health care, and much more. Her campaign manager is Farheen Hakeem, who earned 30% of the vote for State Representative in 2008 against a Democratic opponent, despite running on a shoestring budget in a district that voted overwhelmingly for Obama.

If Jeanine Estime and other Green candidates for City Council like Marcus Harcus and Dave Bicking succeed, the Green Party will become Minneapolis’ official second party. Please help Jeanine win by donating $20 or whatever you can afford today. Green candidates are known for doing a lot with a little, and in this local race, your donation will go a long way towards propelling Jeanine Estime’s grassroots campaign to victory.

Dave Schwab


  1. You guys are posting these so fast I’m getting carpal tunnel from writing checks. Good luck Ms. Estime. since I can’t get a good return from the Stock Market, I might as well invest in Green Party Candidates.

  2. Jeanine seems like an awesome candidate! I can’t donate to her campaign this month but will try to send her a few bucks in October.

  3. We here at Third Party Revolution endorse Jeanine Estime in her campaign for Minneapolis City Council Ward 8, along with many other third party and independent candidates seeking public offices nation-wide, ranging from local to federal levels.

  4. Did You know that GP “stalwarts” Cam Gordon and Annie Young has successfuly blocked Jeanine Estime’s endorsement?

    Jeanine organized and then re submitted an endorsement at the next 5th CD GP meeting, as was allowed by the MN GP By-Laws

    . At that meeting was former GP councilwoman Natalie Johnson-Lee who endorsed Jeanine and pointed out that Cam Gordon was facing no DFL challenger in the 2nd Ward. She intimated that, as a former Councilwoman, she knew what kind of shady, behind door dealings was made there.

    Jeanine now has my name on her lit and I will have hers on mine.

    But wait, I am evil and should be shut down in what I say, right?

    Needless to say, this post will probably not get past the GP Censors. The Committee To End Free Speech rules again.

    Michael Cavlan

  5. Mr Schwab,

    Sigh. Read my post. Jeanine Estime had her endorsement blocked by the efforts of Cam Gordon and Annie Young. However, the MN GP By Laws allowed her to resubmit for endorsement at the next 5th CD GP membership meeting. She did, organized around Cam Gordon, including having former GP Councilwoman Natalie Johnson-Lee there and won.

    Rather than argue with me about this, I suggest you talk with Farheen Hakeem about it. She is Jeanine’s campaign manager.

    My last act as a Green was to cast a vote in support of Jeanine Estime.

    Each Fly Represents One Censor. Nice, cute, ironic.

  6. Well it looks like Green Party Watch is supporting Jeanine Estime as well, so Some Guy in Minnesota shouldn’t have a problem. Nor was he censored apparently.

    Cavlan and GPW on the same page, the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship.

  7. Anonymous,


    Actually, the censorship was beaten, completely on accident. As for long and fruitful relationships, well with IRV that is actually possible. People can support each other, create allies and develop respectful relations. One of an unintended consequence of IRV and RCV. Who’da thunk?

    Peace Out.

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